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Samsung NX30 Troubleshooting

Samsung NX30 with mirrorless interchangeable lens was released February 18, 2014.

Flash Does Not Go Off ¶ 

The flash will not fire when the photo is taken even though the flash is on.

Flash Is Off ¶ 

If the flash will not go off, check and make sure that the flash has been turned on. The flash is on if the flash head is up. If the flash head is not up, look at the front of the camera and press the flash button located to the right of the flash head.

Dead Flash Bulb ¶ 

If you have already tried the option above and it still does not work, then your flash bulb might be dead. If this is the case, then you will want to replace your flash bulb using the Flash Replacement Guide.

Camera Locks Up ¶ 

The camera does not respond to controls.

Settings Are Bad ¶ 

Try resetting the camera to default settings by hitting the menu button on the camera. Then in the sidebar scroll down to select the settings icon. When you have selected the settings icon scroll down until you find the reset option, select this option and press yes. This will reset the settings to default.

Camera Has Been On Too Long ¶ 

If you can not reset the camera to the default settings try turning off the camera. Switch the On/Off Switch to the off position.

Remove The Battery ¶ 

If you can not get the camera to turn off by just pushing the On/Off button then try removing the battery. Follow the Battery Replacement Guide to help you with this.

Shutter Button Is Stuck ¶ 

Camera keeps shooting until the card is full. Even after the shutter button is released.

Dirty Shutter Button ¶ 

There might be dust build-up around the button. Use an Air Duster can to dislodge the dust.

Lens Won't Focus ¶ 

After going out of sleep mode, the lens refuses to focus.

Dirty Lens ¶ 

There might be dust or dirt on the lens. Use a microfiber clothe to wipe the lens of all residue.

Lens Is Not Adjusted ¶ 

Try turning the dials around the lens to adjust the focus manually.

Lens Is Not Properly Attached ¶ 

If the lens is still not working then check and make sure that it is properly attached to the camera. Place the lens into the camera and turn it clockwise until it clicks into the camera.

Faulty Lens ¶ 

Finally if the lens will still not adjust you will want to replace it using the Lens Replacement Guide.

Camera Will Not Connect To Phone ¶ 

The camera refuses to connect to the phone via Wifi.

Camera Is Not On The Wifi Setting ¶ 

First make sure that the camera is on the Wifi mode. Turn the Settings Dial to Wifi and choose the application that fits your task.

Phone Is Not Connected To Wifi ¶ 

Also check and make sure that your phone's Wifi is on. The Wifi icon on your phone should be on. If it is not, then turn on the Wifi in your phone's settings. The camera will not connect to your phone if your phone's Wifi is off.

Phone Is Not Connected To The Right Wifi Network ¶ 

Check that your phone is connected to the Wifi network from your camera. The network name will be shown on the camera's screen.

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