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Samsung ST150F Troubleshooting

Stuck Camera Lens ¶ 

The lens of the camera is stuck in the outright position and will not retract.

Battery Died While Camera Lens was Extended ¶ 

The solution would be to charge the cameras battery and restart the camera.

If lens does not retract after troubleshooting, consider taking a look at our repair guide for Lens Replacement.

Buildup of Dirt ¶ 

The lens of the camera may have a buildup of dirt around the edges of the mechanical components, creating the lens to get stuck. The first thing to do is use a compressed can of air and spray along the outer edges of the lens to release any of the dirt. Power camera on to test if this solution helped. If camera lens is still stuck consider the use of a thin material such as a piece of paper to wedge in between to help remove stuck particles.

Flash Not Working ¶ 

The flash on the camera is not working when taking a picture.

Not Properly Charged ¶ 

When the camera has a low battery it will stop using the flash to conserve energy. Charge your camera's battery and try the flash again.

Flash Not Toggled On ¶ 

Make sure your flash is toggled on and attempt to take a picture. If the problem persists it is likely that the flash is physically broken. You should consider performing a Flash Bulb Replacement.

Battery Malfunction ¶ 

The camera is not turning on.

Green Light ¶ 

To begin with, if your camera is displaying a green light but your screen is not turning on, the problem is not with the battery. However, if the light is not displaying, following the following steps should help you discover the true problem.

Properly Inserted ¶ 

A common and easily remedied problem is that the battery has not been inserted correctly. Check that your battery has been inserted correctly and attempt to turn the camera on again.

Battery Test ¶ 

The Samsung ST150F has a feature that allows it to turn on while plugged in without the use of a battery. Remove the battery completely and plug the camera in. If your camera turns on, the problem is with your battery. You should get a new battery and replace your current one.

Broken Capture Button ¶ 

The capture button on the camera is not functioning properly.

No Clicking Noise ¶ 

The most common issue with the capture button is that the button is not clicking down onto the piece of the camera that sends a signal to take a picture. Listen carefully for a clicking noise when you press the button down. If you do not hear this clicking there may be small particles of dirt obstructing the button. Check our Capture Button Repair guide.

Stuck Button ¶ 

Should your capture button not be rebounding after being clicked, it is likely the button is sticky and should be properly cleaned. To clean the button please refer to our guide on Capture Button Repair.

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I cannot get my camera to download onto computer with Windows 10. Is there a solution or buy a new camera


Brian Turner

Brian Turner - 답글

the led light of my camera SAMSUNG ST150F turns red, instead of Green, and dont have any display on the screen, suddenly the there is orange light in front near the HD word of my camera. i am really confused about it, because last time, i just charge my camera to the Power Bank. PLEASE HELP ME, What should i do..?

dejie_bagnol - 답글

My zoom lens will not come out. It starts to come out and stops. Camera keeps saying zoom did not operate correctly.

Jolene K Jones - 답글

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