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Samsung WB2200F Troubleshooting

The WB2200F has a 60x Optical zoom and a Dual Grip design.

Samsung WB2200F Troubleshooting Guide

Device will not turn on ¶ 

The camera will not show any signs of powering up.

Not Properly Charged (Turns Off Abruptly) ¶ 

Make sure the device is charged by using the camera charger. Plug the USB cable into the AC adapter. Plug the adapter end of the charger to a wall outlet and plug the other end into the device. Another option is to disconnect the USB cable from the AC adapter. Connect the USB end into a power source while the other end is connected to the device.

Charging Portal is Clogged ¶ 

The charging port on the camera might need a little cleaning if charging complications persist. There can be an excess amount of dust, lint, crumbs, etc. stuck in the charging portal, hindering the device’s ability to charge. Using a can of compressed air, blow out the offending irritants to get your USB connection back to normal.

Power Button does not work ¶ 

The power button is jammed or broken. With this being the case, you will need to bring the camera to the manufacturer.

Distorted Image Quality ¶ 

Pictures taken are blurry or too dark/bright.

Lens is dirty ¶ 

Gently wipe lens using a clean microfiber cloth. Be careful not to scratch the lens.

Camera is not in the correct mode ¶ 

Make sure that the camera is in the correct mode for the task. For example use action freeze mode take pictures of moving objects or people. Adjust mode by putting the camera in Smart mode (the camera with an “S” in it) by turning the command wheel.

Shutter speed is incorrect ¶ 

Put the camera in Manual Mode by turning the mode dial to A.S.M and selecting “Manual” Then adjust shutter speed by turning the command dial located at the top of the camera. Faster shutter speeds will have less motion blur but will be darker.

Diopter Adjustment Dial does not work ¶ 

If the image is not being shown clearly through the viewfinder, the diopter adjustment dial would be used to adjust the viewfinder appropriate for the eyesight of user. If the diopter adjustment dial does not work, the button may be jammed or broken. With this being the case, you will need to bring the camera to the manufacturer.

Device is unresponsive ¶ 

When testing each option on the mode dial, nothing is showing up on the screen.

Mode dial does not work ¶ 

The mode dial is used to change the device’s various modes like: Auto, Portrait, Program, Macro, etc. It is the control button for the device. If the mode dial button does not work, it can stop the camera from performing a series of functions. You will need to bring the camera to the manufacturer.

Device does not stay charged ¶ 

Battery charge decreases at a fast rate.

Wrong Type of Batteries ¶ 

If you place a new batteries in the device and it still does not charge, chances are that the wrong type of batteries are being used. Make sure you are using the only type of battery suitable for this device, a Lithium-ion battery.

Faulty Battery Pack ¶ 

If the battery is incapable of holding a charge, then the battery is faulty. Replace the battery using this guide.

Battery Cover is Broken ¶ 

If the battery cover is broken, it will stop the battery from properly staying in place. That may hinder the device’s ability to stay charged. Please replace it using this guide.

Camera Lens will not extend ¶ 

Lens is stuck in place and cannot change zoom level.

Lens has dirt or other debris stuck inside ¶ 

Using a blower or a soft bristled brush, carefully remove as much debris around lens as possible.

Camera lens is broken ¶ 

The camera lens will have to be replaced if it is broken. Replace the camera lens using this guide.

Flash does not go off ¶ 

The flash does not go off when the photo is taken.

Flash is turned off ¶ 

To turn the flash feature on, press on the the pop-up flash release button on the left side of the camera

Camera is in Macro Mode ¶ 

Flash is disabled when the camera is in macro mode. To enable the flash feature, turn off the macro mode feature.

The Flash Option button will not work ¶ 

The flash option button may be jammed or broken. With this being the case, you may need to replace the power button. Replace the power button using this guide.

Cracked Screen ¶ 

Screen is broken.

Gray Spots on Screen ¶ 

Gray spots on the screen is a result of the screen being cracked. Replace the screen using this guide.

Video Recording Does Not Work ¶ 

When the video recording button is pressed, the device does not record.

Record Button does not work ¶ 

If the video recording button does not work, than the button may be jammed or broken. With this being the case, the button will need to be replaced. Replace the button using this guide.

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