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Camera would not respond or show any signs of power.

This could be due to a variety of reasons. If the button is jammed, refer to replacing the power button guide

Charge the battery, then put in charged battery, then try power button again.

Camera will not zoom in or out

Check the battery power, charge if needed and try again.

When the camera is dropped there is a possibility that there is an internal obstruction in the lens. This can cause a stoppage in the lens. Refer to the replacing lens guide for further instruction

The battery is dead and not powering camera

Check if the camera lights up when connected to charger. If camera shows no signs of receiving power the charging cord may be defective and a new one should be purchased.

When connecting camera to charger, it lights up showing that is charging and when its time to use camera without charger it doesn't power on. Open the battery compartment and the button of the camera and check that battery doesn't have any dirty terminals, clean terminals if it does and try to charge it again. If that didn't work is time to replace the battery.

The settings wheel appear not move or be stuck.

When there is difficulty turning the wheel or it does not turn the setting wheel might have grime in it. If this is the case then spinning the setting wheel can break up the the grime and solve the issue. If this doesn't work you will need to take off the setting wheel and clean the wheel and the gear to insure their is no blockage.

If the setting wheel is locked up then there is blockage or setting wheel is broken.

If the setting wheel is not spinning or is spinning but settings is not changing then the setting wheel can be broken. If this is the case the setting wheel needs to be taken out and checked. If it is actually broken it will need to be replaced. In cases where the setting wheel is not broken but settings are still not changing their might be an issue in the software.

You have tried to take photos but nothing is displayed on the screen.

Make sure the camera is turned on. If it does not turn on despite having charge and/or charged batteries, the power button might need to be replaced.

Sometimes the camera does not take photos due to extremely low power. Make sure the battery has enough power or if the camera is plugged in, it has enough charge.

If the lens does not come out of the cover despite the camera being on and having enough battery power/charge, the lens might be stuck. It will need a disassembly and cleaning to let it come out of the cover. The lens may also be defective, in which case, it will need to be replaced.

After making sure that there are no other issues, if the shutter button cannot take photos despite being pressed, the camera might not be on photo taking mode. Make sure to have it in the photo taking mode using the settings wheel. If the shutter still does not take photos, it might not be clicking all the way down due to being broken, in which case it will need to be replaced.

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batteries are fully charged and the camera has not been dropped. I was taking photos and went to zoom in on subject and then it stopped. not to zoom in again. what's up? Jeanne

faxt - 답글

Hi my camera working but one problem is sometimes when I make the picture the camera automaticly changing things from settings wheel. And in this time I can not take any picture and wait for normal screen. Somebody know where is the problem? Thank you

Blanka - 답글

Same problem here. Any solutions on this? Much appreciated. Thanks.

Glenn Simon Latonero -

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