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Shark Navigator Lift-Away Pro Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting for the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Pro—identified by the model number NV370.

Vacuum won't turn on ¶ 

The vacuum won’t start

Plugged in incorrectly ¶ 

Sometimes if the vacuum is not plugged in the outlet correctly, it will not turn on. This is why it is important to check that the cord is completely plugged in the outlet.

Circuit breaker/fuse is tripped ¶ 

Vacuums may also draw a lot of power when first turning on, so make sure that the breaker on the outlet hasn’t been tripped. If the breaker has been tripped, simply press the reset button on the outlet. If your outlet does not contain a reset button, simply locate your circuit breaker panel(usually located in the basement of most homes) to reset the outlet.

On switch isn't on ¶ 

Sometimes simply checking that it may be on or off can help solve the problem. If the switch is off, turning the switch to on will easily solve the problem.

Motor Thermostat needs resetting ¶ 

In order to reset the Motor Thermostat:

  1. Move the Power Button to the “O-Off” position
  2. Unplug the vacuum
  3. Check for a clogged hose or filter; unclog the hose and replace the filter
  4. Wait 45 minutes for the vacuum to cool; then plug the vacuum
  5. Turn the power switch to the “I-On” position to start the vacuum
  6. If the vacuum still does not start, contact Customer Service at 1-800-798-7398

Loss of suction when using the standing vacuum ¶ 

The vacuum is not picking up dirt and debris when being used

Dust cup full ¶ 

If the dust cup is too full, there is no space for the dirt to go when you are vacuuming. To fix this, remove the dust cup and empty the it. If your vacuum is still not picking up dirt after emptying the dust cup, keep reading for other options to fix the suction

Blockage in the vacuum ¶ 

If not dirt or debris is being sucked up by the vacuum, there may be something blocking the airway. There are two places where you can check for a blockage: the dust cup air duct and the intake opening behind the brush roll. To check for a blockage in the dust cup air duct stand the vacuum upright and remove the dust cup. Now you can disconnect the super stretch hose and check for clogs in the air duct behind the dust cup. If that is not the case, to check for a clog near the roller brush lay the vacuum down. Next check the opening behind the brush roll for clogs. If there is debris, clean the opening with scissors, carefully cutting away any debris.

Filters need to be cleaned ¶ 

If both your foam filter and felt filter have not been cleaned in the past month, this may be why your vacuum has lost suction. To clean the foam and felt filters, remove the dust cup and pull out the two filters that are on the top of the motor base. Rinse the filters with lukewarm water until the water is running clear. Let the filters dry fully before putting them back into the vacuum. If your vacuum is still not picking up dirt, you may need to replace it.

Motor is going bad ¶ 

Unfortunately, if none of the other solutions worked, your motor is going bad. Most of the time a new motor costs as much as the vacuum itself and it is not easy to replace the motor. It may be time for a new vacuum.

Roller brush malfunction ¶ 

The vacuum is starting, but the floor roller brush is not spinning.

Vacuum on the wrong setting ¶ 

If the vacuum does not know that the brush should be rolling, it will not function! Make sure that power switch is in position II: “Brush Roll On”. If the vacuum is not in this setting, the brush will not turn.

Blockage on the roller ¶ 

Debris may have wrapped around the roller, stopping it from turning. This is a normal occurrence commonly due to hair, but other string like materials may be present as well. This is an easy fix. First, unplug the vacuum. Next, without needing to take anything apart, go through the bottom of the vacuum head with a pair of scissors and carefully cut the debris. Pull anything out with your fingers. You may need to manually turn the roller to get to the debris on the other side. Repeat until all of the debris is clear.

Nozzle isn't fully attached ¶ 

The nozzle needs to be completely attached so that the power can reach the brush. Even if the vacuum has suction, power may not be reaching the brush at the bottom. Simply push down on the handle when the vacuum head is on the floor to fully complete the connection. If you are still having difficulties with this, something may be blocking the connection. Clear out any debris and try again.

Vacuum won't stand on it's own ¶ 

The latch is broken ¶ 

If the vacuum does not stand on its own the latch may be broken. Call customer service to inquire about latch replacement options. When you buy the vacuum you have a 5 year warranty, so broken pieces are easily replaceable.

Loss of nozzle suction ¶ 

Clog in the hose ¶ 

-Squeeze the two tabs at the bottom of the nozzle on the back and pull the hose off. In the L-shaped plastic base, check to make sure all debris is cleared and there isn’t anything stuck that could cause the hose to cease suction. Next, check the hose itself. Feel along-side the hose to check for a blockage and if so, use a tool to pull out the blockage. If there is no blockage in the hose, check the suction release valve at the handle of the hose. There are two arrows on the valve; make sure they are turned all the way to the right so that the valve cannot move anymore. Another place to check for clogs is in the hose that attaches to the base of the vacuum. Lean the vacuum all the way down to the floor and pull the hose from the base and check for blockages. The side of the hose that attaches to the main body of the vacuum also unattaches; make sure there is nothing blocking this pathway. The last place to check for clogs is in the tube on the main body of the vacuum. Click the red button that releases the tube from the main body. Check for clogs in the tube.

Motor is broken ¶ 

If there are no obstructions is any of the hoses, unclip the back hose from the body of the vacuum. If you cannot feel air being sucked into this compartment, check the filter. Take off the dirt bin by pressing the grey tabs that connect it to the main body of the vacuum. At the base of where the bin sits is the filter component. Put your hand over this component and turn on the vacuum. If you can feel air in the filter component, but not in the hose attachment in the rear of the vacuum body, the problem lies in the cyclone assembly. However, if you do not feel air coming from the filter, there is most likely a problem with the motor or fan and you will have to contact Shark.

Cyclone Assembly ¶ 

If you can feel air coming from the filter but not the hose base, take the bin and press the grey tab at the top of the bin, releasing the latched cover. Pull the component in the top of the bin out. Open the component over the trash or outdoors and tap the top, where the tiny dirt particles will collect in the filter at the base. If you have access to compressed air (you can go to a gas station), blow air over the top to release the fine particles. Do not blow with your mouth as moisture can cause the cyclone assay to grow mold.

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I have a shark navigator, two years old. All the hoses and tubes are clear; the filters are new. It keeps popping open at the dirt cup. Why? Can't get them to stay closed...means not good suction. Why? Any suggestions???

tekaphil - 답글

I have the same problem. Is there a solution or is it time to replace?

K Deane -

Same issue as well. Frustrating. I won't recommend this vacuum to anyone again.

Amy Dyer -

Same issue here and I have had it less than 2 years. The grey snap on the cup keeps coming open and will not pick anything up.

marx0531 -

I also have this problem and I just bought the vacuum! First time using it and went to empty cup and dirt fell back onto floor. It won't latch what so ever :(

jeepchic82 -

I was told that when the front filter pops out each time you close it, then it's dirty and should be replaced. Dirt plugs the filter, and it can't breathe anymore.

Frances Kuik -

I just replaced the brushroll on our navigator lift away...a total of 11 screws and some fancy wire origami to fit around the swivel joint...they apparently did not want this to be easily user servicabler, but oh fine wth new brush roll

Ryan Neidlinger - 답글

Where did you get your brushroll. I vacuum daily (dog and kids) and my brush roll is wearing out but I'm not going to fork out 400$ for a new vacuum because my brushroll is less functional.

Morgen McDowell -

you are all full of $@$*

posting false info i've had my shark navigator for about 3 yrs and its been the best and toughest only thing is the brush roller dont spin green light comes on has awesome suction and its vaccumed carpet cars porches lots of sand and whatever else thats could fit. The shark navigator vaccum its awesome i recommend it

Amanda rogers -

I'm having an issue with my Navigator power/carpet/bare floor button turning on. Everything is charged, suction has been fine. No blockage of any sort. Nothing has changed in performance outside of the button not working at all. Anyone else have this problem?

Brooke Vodinh - 답글

Did you get any answers? I am having the same issue

tulksandra -

Me too. Did u get it fixed?

Jennifer Fullenkamp -

I'm having the same problem. . The power button inwhich had three settings and none of them are doing anything like the switch is broken idk I love this vacuum I'm hoping and praying that it's not reuioned.......anybody have any suggestions plz plz help...!

yoderelise -

Same issue :0(

valgsmith -

same issue :-(

valgsmith -

Same issue and i got the replacement from them

Kaleel Mohammed -

I am having this issue as well, worked yesterday today the brush roller won't activate! Suction is still working. Funny thing is last week, the brush roller would be on as soon as you turned the vacuum on, without engaging it.

Aleah Nelson -

I had the same problem. There is a switch(mine is green) in the head assembly that signals the brush motor to turn off and on, my switch was stuck open (Looks pressed down). If you listen carefully before taking the vacuum apart you should hear the switch click when you raise and lower the handle. If you don't hear the click, try opening up the vacuum and lifting the little metal contact.

Roxanne Felan -

Yes, my button simply stopped functioning; all else was fine. I took the button out of the loop by disassembling the top end. You can’t really get to the botton to replace it without doing major damage to the body so I just cut the blue and black wires to about two inches long each, stripped them, and connected them together with an orange twist-on electrical connector.

I tucked the wires into a convenient cavity inside the machine and reassembled. Now the only way to turn in on for off is to plug it into the wall socket and unplug it. However, it works just as good as it always did. It’s a bit more inconvenient to use now, but at least I don’t have to purchase another unit.

David Massey -

I’m having the same problem. If I hold the on/off switch down, it works. Not the easiest, or smartest, way to vacuum! All in all I really like my navigator. Reading other’s comments, I’ll check if I’m able to get into switch compartment area. Thank you for suggestions!

joJoan -

We just purchased our Shark Rotator in September. It now is causing EVERY circuit to cut out when trying to vacuum. I have cleaned all filters and made sure the roller is clear. Anyone else seeing the same issue?

Lauren Myers - 답글

Im having the same issue, vacuum is clean and clear, it's only a little over a year old. It's tripping every breaker in my house. Very upsetting. I just went out and bought a Dyson.

Kendra Walker -

Yep, mine has just done that. I have only used it a handful of times. It quit working and I have lost power to part of my house. I checked the breaker and none of them are tripped. I am relieved I am not the only one having problems with their Shark vac!

maryannmansfield -

YES! I have Model NV 505 31 and it was brand new last Christmas. It just started doing it every time I plug it in anywhere on my walls. The only time it won’t trip the circuit breaker is if it is plugged into a surge protector! This is scary! This should be a recall! How is this com[any handling this safety issue?

Barbara M LeBlanc -

Mine was brand new last year, model NV505 31. I got it for Christmas from Target. It just started doing this every time I plug it in. This is scary and probably should be a recall. How is the company handling this? I heard about the Navigator EuroPro being recalled for similar safety reasons.

Barbara M LeBlanc -

I have a shark navigator professional having problems with the suction tube staying attached when in use,need advise.

harry - 답글

Model NV22LWM 26 Found in the alley. Roller would not work, no LED light. Found that the electrical 115 volt contacts between the roller and the canister part were not always making contact. Check with a voltmeter (AC) to see if you are getting voltage out from the canister section. I found mine was not making positive contact. Will try to wedge something in and around the square plastic part that joins the roller section to the canister section.

Michael Schmitt - 답글

where do you find the electrical 115 volt contacts between the roller and the canister? My roller brush will not turn on

traceyN -

II wrapped a short piece of painter's tape around the plastic insert and the SHARK is sucking again. So 2 hours work and I have a fee working $250 vacuum! Thank you my neighbor.

Michael Schmitt - 답글

Heard that Michael Way to go, man! I love it when we're smart enough to fix our own stuff Sounds like finders keepers, huh Very nice job and a job well done GO YOU!!!


Where is the off on switch

jackie - 답글

It sucks but it's not picking up from the brush part. do you know why?

janin - 답글

I'm having the same problem

Kathie -

My shark navigator is picking up, all of the dust etc but it is gathering on the sponge filter, have checked, no blockages, have rinsed sponge and filter.?????????

Loretta coulter - 답글

I'm having same problem. so frustrating. hace you figured it out ..grrrr

Rebecca smith -

I am having the same problem where debris collects at top of foam filter. Help!

JeanieByerly -

I am also have dog hair collect this my second vacuum

Loretta Burnett -

Had dog hair gather through hole on dust cup on and build up on filter. This is my second vacuum of this style.

Loretta Burnett -

I'm having the same problem any answers ?

Tracy Moore -

I’m having the same problem. Has anyone answered you?

Renee Houston Zemanski -

I have a shark NV681 and when I turn it on it won't start running until I bend it backwards to start vacuuming. Plus, when it does start after that, the dirt it's sucking up isn't going into the collector. I'm so annoyed/confused. Any ideas??

melissa w - 답글

Mine is doing same thing!

harwellaly -

Mine just did this. At the bottom it says hepa filter release. It pops the bottom part off. I took a metal hanger and ran it up behind the brush and up until I felt the clog. Was able to push the clog out and now it works good as new

nikki -

This is a brand new vacuum. I've never had such trouble with a vacuum in my entire 60 years of life.

Lcooke - 답글

HI, I have a clog in the main part. Have taken the hose off, and cleaned out as much as possible, also cleaned from the brush side. But cannot reach it all. Tried a hangar.. it is less than 2 years old

car - 답글

I have nv651 I've cleaned everything brush roller want spin seem like bad connection if I tilt it a Certain way the light will come and spin that's all

Michael sizemore - 답글

Hi i have same problem .Did you fix it? Ty

Jorge Colon -

I have a roller brush issue, it wont rotate, I have it in the right switch position, and have made sure it is firmly locked in place and clear, and on top of this I have tested the continuity to the motor pins, and rotated the brush and motor to see if voltage is generated to test the motor itself and all is good, yet it wont work, what in the body sends the power to it that might fail?

Thomas A Anderson - 답글

I have the same problem. Have you figured it out yet?

maria -

There is a small green switch inside the base that detects when unit is leaned back. This switch goes bad and gets stuck. They are $1.29 for 5 at amazon. Kw4-3z-3

3a 125/250vac


This is part number.

william gillenwater -

William gillenwater,

Do you have and exploded view of the machine and what precisely what needs to be done to replace it.

I think this is the problem on my 2 yr old machine and I really love my shark!!!!



Please respond my shark sacked up a small ball when vacuuming under the seats of the car. It's stuck in their and I cannot get it out help

joankramer55 - 답글

If you can put a screw on the ball and pull it out from the screw… That might work

Ricardo Olmedo -

My shark navigator keeps popping off the bottom part while sweeping! Ive cleared the dust cups and checked for blockage...nothing. What can I do to fix this?!

stacey - 답글

I know this post is old bUT I had same problem..we bought a new filter and it worked fine after that

Melissa McDonald -

I have a shark rotator professional. There is suction, but the brush roll won't rotate. I have taken it apart, cleaned any hair etc. from brush made sure it was fully connected and nothing. Can anyone help with this issue?

Christina Beach - 답글

Oh my goodness, thank you for this info. I found a huge clog behind the roller unit and now my vacuum works fine again! Btw the clog was two 1 dollar bills!

Amanda Matukas - 답글

What did you do? My brush section does not suck at all and I cannot find the clog.

r13erry -

My hose sucks up but the brush part wont. How can I check for a clog?

r13erry -

My Shark navigator swivel plus is popping and then sparked. Any suggestions ??

MaryLen Williams - 답글

My brush roll stopped working. I cleaned the hair from around it. Everything else works great. I love this vacuum and would like to get it fixed. Any suggestions? I've read through the comments and it sounds like the problem is fixable, but I know nada about servicing vacuums (other than the obvious clean out debris and hoses, etc! Lol). Please help!

Hillary Teal - 답글

I'm having the same issue. I really like my Navigator, but the roller brush is a frustrating issue. ANY HELP OUT THERE?

therealgretchenanderson -

Me too! Does anyone actually reply to these comments with advice on how to fix the problem? I can't figure out why the brush won't turn, cleared blockages, etc. ???

Rachel S -

I'm having the same issue. I am taking it to a sweeper repair person today. I need my sweeper fixed asap!!

Angie Sheidler -

I have a Shark Navigator model number nv502 that had a clog that I cleared by removing the hose. However, when I went to reattach thehose, the red button broke, and I'm trying to figure out a fix. Any suggestions?

Melissa Minor - 답글

This just happened to me! I don't want to have to buy a new vacuum over a $5 part and spring. Please help!

John S Bishof III -

I know your post was from years past, however, did you find another plastic red piece to fix the one that had broke? I did the same thing to my vacuum yesterday. How did you repair the broken piece?

Mdbullard -

I'm having a suction issue. There are no blockages, the filters are clean. When I turn it on it appears to work normally but within seconds, it sounds like it is blocked and the suction is very little.

dstnrubbl - 답글

Im having the same issue! Ive looked for clogs but there are none. It will suck for a minute but debris doesnt go into the dust collector. It stays at the bottom near rotator brush.

Jessica -

I'm having this same problem. Did you figure it out yet? I'm afraid it's the motor. If anyone has any advice, would love to hear it. Thanks.

Mireille Savoie -

Make sure you check the handle part of the hose. Mine was making a suction noise. I finally seen some trash built up in the handle.

Andrew McCasland -

I am having this issue!! Has anyone found a solution yet!? We have taken the vacuum apart there are no blockages, filters are clean.

Katelin Gill -

Did anyone find out the cause? This happened after I replaced all the filters. I did notice that over the last few months the sponge filter seems to collect more dust than usual and I was cleaning it after each use. It is only a couple years old.

LOU ANN Brown -

Did you ever get an answer to this? I think a similar thing’s happening to mine. It works for a minute or two then makes a horrible, high pitched sound like something too big was sucked up in it and then it won’t pick anything up.

Stephanie Griffo -

My 95 year old father has had a Shark Professional rotator for one month and it has totally lost suction the cup is not full the filters have been replaced there is no suction from the nose of the shark but the hose has full suction. He is really frustrated because this vacuum cleaner is not that old and if he had known what he knows now about this vacuum he would never have paid $500 for it he would go on with a Dyson !&&* of a lot better than a shark

Tawny - 답글

So we bought a Shark Navigator lift-away (NV350 I think) several years ago. Its been through the ringer a couple of times and the warranty is expired but it still worked as well as could be expected. Last time we used it it worked fine, but we just plugged it in and the brush roll isn't spinning. Also the brush indicator light wont light up. Is there any way to fix this? Please and thanks to anyone who answers.

dniebaum - 답글

Hi! I had this problem too - it was the 3 way switch going out. It is fit with a couple little fins - if you slide a flathead screwdriver under it you can pull it up. I reconnected the wires and mine worked. You may have to take the section of plastic on the pod off to access the wires and get enough length as they are in little cable management hooks. The screws are really easy to see except there is one under the filter sticker. If your switch is truly dead you can order them online from a few places for about $10. Just google shark navigator lift away switch. Hope this helps!

bbeadel -

My navigator's lights come on but the motor is not working.......not even a year old

az201033 - 답글

Same problem here. I'm so ticked! I thought this was the "world'a greatest vacuum!" So so frustrated. And it doesn't appear that the company responds to any of their emails!

leann_jackson1023 -

I have the exact same problem. I turned my shark rotator on today and the light comes on but not the motor. The brushes work but there is no suction. Ours is also less than a year old. help!

ckostyk0429 - 답글

Mee too. U ever get it fixed?

Tina -

My roller stopped working and I assumed the belt broke. Well, I took it apart and the belt was fine, so I turned it on and it magically worked!!! So I put it all back together and started it again and IT DIDN'T WORK!!! Please, if anyone has any helpful suggestions, I'd be eternally grateful!!!!!

Amy - 답글

I was vacuuming and it stopped working I than unplugged it and plugged it back in in the standing position it won't turn on than you lower it to vacuum and it turns on but it doesn't have the power it had before can any one help

isaac r padilla - 답글


My vacuum brush stopped working since awhile and also when i turn the vacuum on the blue light turns on and off all time still the suction is working alone ,any ideas what to do

Thanks a lot

sherehan - 답글

My shark rotary professional would not run the brush. I checked voltage to the lower detachable section and found it was getting the signal to run the brush, so I opened up the base and found the there is an interrupter that stops the brush when it is stowed upright. This interrupter was stuck. So I took it out thinking I would just jumper the switch out and found that it came right apart when I unscrewed it and it popped back up, turns out it was just stuck. It looks like it has some dielectric grease inside it but it had nowhere near enough so I added some and put it back together. Problem solved! Hope this helps someone, good luck!!

Randall -

My shark rotary professional would not run the brush. I checked voltage to the lower detachable section and found it was getting the signal to run the brush, so I opened up the base (there are two hidden screws under the front tiny rollers, slip a stew driver under the roller and they pop right up, push down with the side of the screwdriver shank and they snap back in) and found the there is an interrupter that stops the brush when it is stowed upright. This interrupter was stuck. So I took it out thinking I would just jumper the switch out and found that it came right apart when I unscrewed it and it popped back up, turns out it was just stuck. It looks like it has some dielectric grease inside it but it had nowhere near enough so I added some and put it back together. Problem solved! Hope this helps someone, good luck!

Randall - 답글

Thanks for the helpful tip. Separating the green case of this interrupter switch and gently prying up from the inside got the switch mechanism to pop out and began to function again.

Trappery -

The roller section stopped working, I understand this is a common problem with this vacuum. I went and bought a new, expensive roller section, plugged it in. The roller worked for a half second and now I can't get it to again. This is a "NEW" roller section doing exactly the same thing as the old one. Any ideas?

Robert Taylor - 답글

I have the shark lift away nv352. Suction strong, filters replaced, but all of the dust/dirt winds on top of the filter instead of winding up in the dust bin. Pls help, so frustrating

Sandy h - 답글

I have same problem .have you found solution. grrrr

Rebecca smith -

I have the same issue please if someone can help I'd be very grateful

Tina Neitzel -

Shark Rotator NV 450. It picks up all the dust and dirt fine but it doesn't go into dust cup, it's all on the foam filter??? What to do??? Please help!!

Tina Neitzel -

The wand button will not disengage wand from unit

marci brandon - 답글

I have a shark rotator professional and the brush roll indicator light does not turn on and the brush is not rolling, but the button light is down and light is on. It worked one day and the next it didn't. There is no debris stopping it and I can roll it manually. What could be causing this?! The belt is perfect. It is maybe 3 years old.

Kendall Wilson - 답글

I'm having the same issue . Mine was red indicating the roller was working and I looked and it was spinning fine . Then less than a minute later it stopping spinning . There is nothing at all blocking mine and all the suction is good . Very frustrating for such an expensive vacuum

Cierra Gallo -

I got my shark rotator after a neighbor left almost aether stuff behind. It's a dream come true. I had a problem and this answered the ? And the problemis fixed. A cat toy jammed in the place where the hose fixed in. I just read your blog and I can't believe someone would throw this wonderful vacuum cleaner away. Thanks barb Rockford Il

Barbara - 답글

The vacuum isn't turning on at all, except the brush roller. Any ideas?

Trent Eck - 답글

what a piece of $@$* this vacuum really is. Less than 2 years old and motor quit.

mrgwg2 - 답글

I have a Shark NV480UKT 26 which lost total suction through nozzle. After 30 mins of futile investigation, in became apparent that the blockage was in the 90 degree joint in the handle. And the only way to free up the blockage was to take the handle apart. And, having done that, it is clear this is not something that a customer should be doing. It's a pity, since the body of the vaccuum is very well designed and you can get at any blockage in the BODY of the vaccuum. However if the blockage is in the nozzle, it is VERY difficult to free it. I fully expect another blockage in due course.

Nick Walters - 답글

how did you take apart your handle to the nozzle? My hose has cracked where it goes into the handle so I have lost suction. But, even though I have taken out all the screws around the handle, and have tried to pry the halves apart, I cannot get it apart. I need to be able to take off the grey ring where it attaches to the steel wand and the grey rubber piece on the inside section of the handle but can't figure out how to do it. If I can do that, I would be able to cut off the damaged section of hose and attach the a fresh piece into the handle. Any ideas?

Julie Shepherd -

I have a shark professional navigator and there is not block in any of the hoses and everything is connected securely but the brush will not spin . I cleaned out all access hair string etc from around the bristles to free the brush but it still will not work there is nothing stopping it from spinning . Very frustrating as to why it will not work it's less than a year old

Cierra Gallo - 답글

Mine is doing the same thing but I just got it yesterday I just don't understand

Samantha gruidl -

I just got my shark professional and the bottom part won't spin at all! It's really frustrating this is the second shark to do this to me and it makes a loud sucktion noise and it's all connected and clean!

Samantha gruidl - 답글

My shark turns on, starts working and then its like it loses power or something. Stops sucking and lights cut out and then starts working again for a few seconds. Any ideas?

Angie pommerville - 답글

I’m having the same problem with my Navigator lift away. But now, it will only work if I continually hold the on/off switch in the on position. Reading comments from others, it was suggested to check the switch, if it’s assessable. I’ll be checking it tomorrow! I do like my vacuum, all in all, it works great for pick up. Plus, I’m not ready to spend $$$ for another vacuum, when this one is only 2 yrs old..

joJoan -

I absolutely love this vacuum cleaner, however- this is the second one I've owned in the last two years that the suction is completely gone- I've cleaned all the filters and taken exceptional care of it- I don't think this vacuum can handle every day use- it wears out way too quickly. Surely there is something Shark could do to fix this problem!

shaunagreen - 답글

Same problem I had with mine!

jeepchic82 -

Roller go's round when on ,but no suction coming out at all

Brian Wedgdworth -

i am bummed & have a really dirty house.... can mfgrs help or clue us in on the fixitttt? pleeeze

cynde1062 - 답글

My vacuum front lights come on but that's it. Nothing else is working. Any clues on this one? Is there an internal circuit breaker or reset button somewhere on the vacuum?

James Myers - 답글

my shark navigator lift away twisted while I was vacuuming and is now stuck in that position. How can be get it to release to it's original position. We have had it about 5 years... still works amazingly well, I'd hate to have to replace it.

Shari - 답글

Shark Rotator NV 450. It picks up all the dust and dirt fine but it doesn't go into dust cup, it's all on the foam filter??? What to do??? Please help!!! Who to call?

Tina Neitzel - 답글

I have emptied dust containers, cleaned filters and sponges still not sucking, its sucking from the little square air vent on the side of the unit, when I put my finger over it, I feel suction on my finger, but not through the the foot or hoses, and they are all clear

eime_paula - 답글

did you get an answer yet ? I have the same problem

larry davies -

One of the wheels on my Shark Rocker has totally stopped turning, can't turn by hand either. Just 8 months old! Does anyone know how to fix this?

Amanda Gregory - 답글

did you ever resolve this? I have the same issue now.

uggghhh13 -

My rollers just stopped completely. I went through all the hoses to see if there was a blockage. There is none. How do I take off the casing to the rollers. Took out the screws and the part doesn't want to come apart easily. I'm afraid I'll crack the plastic. Any tips?

bethbrown - 답글

I have a shark navigstor. The suction is so strong on carpet that it is so hard to push. I have checked everything. The rollers are turning so what else can I do? I don't want to pull my arm out of my socket

Janet - 답글

Just below the handle there is plastic ring. Rotating this reduces the suction power

David Wellard -

My shark is blowing instead of sucking?

Paula - 답글

My Lights do not come on?

Is there a separate button for this or has my new Hoover got a fault?

Barry cansell - 답글

i have same problems The vacuum is starting, but the floor roller brush is not solution don t know

robert_broyan - 답글

My NV105 intermittently looses suction. The pitch of the motor changes when this happens, and I can feel air coming out of the series of holes in the base of the motor; kind of like there is a valve in there that opens up. Any ideas? Thanks!

Mike Edmonds - 답글

Only one of my canisters are filling up its t he carpet side even on the bare floor setting

sinclairsunny - 답글

I have a shark navigator professional. The brush won't spin when on carpet. But will spin any other time. What is making it stop, get stuck only when using on the carpet. I've tried cleaning roller, checking the belt. Cleaning all filters. Nothing seems to correct it.

John Brobst - 답글

When I turn my Shark Navigator on, the brush will spin for about 20 seconds, then it stops and the power light starts blinking. The vacuum is still on, but the brush just stops. I've cleaned the !&&* out of it, making sure nothing was obstructing the brush. Any suggestions? It's only about a year and a half old.

beedub77 - 답글

I have a shark rocket. Ordered new filters. Very loud noise since using them. They are the correct filters. Checked hoses- they are clear, checked filters- they are clear. Nothing is clogged.

Ebecker2005 - 답글

I think your fan blades are out of balance from dirt or something.

DennyR -

I have the same issue since cleaning the finned filter. The vacuum is quiet for a few minutes, then the loud noise. The fins may bent?

joJoan -

If the green light comes on for one second with the the brush motor but turns red and the brush motor stops. Then make sure the red side of the motor is up. That fixed mine.

DennyR - 답글

Brush motor starts then stops. shark

DennyR - 답글

Ez fix for shark brush motor

DennyR - 답글

What do you mean "red side of motor up"

Robert Metheney -

I have a shark navigator lift away. It only works when the handle is down, when you put it upright it turns off and the hose does not work

tim Andersen - 답글

Same problems I'm having. Did u figure it out?

Jennifer Pope -

Shark vacuums are pieces of junk. When you call there, they don't even want to help you. I will never buy a SHARK again!!

wease33 - 답글

I have a shark navigator and canister is empty and filters a.clean but when i turn it on to vaccum floors it makes the noise it does when canister is full and wont pick up anything it just stays in the hose and suggestions

kthatcher_4 - 답글

I'm having this problem too, have you fixed it ??

Lucie Phelps -

I have a Shark Rotator NV752 and the lights are coming on and the rotator is working fine but it doesn't make any sound and it doesn't suck anything up. I just used the vacuum about an hour ago and it worked just fine but now its not working!!!

I would really appreciate if I could get a answer really soon.......

caley - 답글

I have a Shark rotator NV680 and the carpet cleaner won't turn on. The vacuum works but when I push the lever for carpet it does not kick on. Anyone know why??

Marianne Drzymala - 답글

Resolved issue: Roller brush worked when vacuum bent back but no suction

I have a shark navigator NV356 and it kept shutting off after a few minutes. The roller brush kept spinning, but the vacuum wouldn't suck anything up. I thought the vacuum was unclogged but it turns out the filter inside the canister had a layer of dirt particles covering it. I took wiped the dirt particles off with a paper towel an the vacuum worked perfectly.

Caitlyn - 답글

I have the Shark Rotator Professional ..... have plenty of suction, but roller does not turn and light does not come on. Nothing blocking the roller brushes, and they turn freely by hand.....

Vacuum is about 3 years old and this just happened..... any suggestions?

Beverlee Provan - 답글

I had the same problem. There is a switch(mine is green) in the head assembly that signals the brush motor to turn off and on, my switch was stuck open (Looks pressed down). If you listen carefully before taking the vacuum apart you should hear the switch click when you raise and lower the handle.

Roxanne Felan -

Just cleaned my vaccum, and now the motor is pushing so much air (strong) that the filter pops out! I mean literally push the filter out with the locking door! WTH!!! Any ideas?

penapedroj - 답글

Never mind Ifixit! turns out that the Hepa filter was still a bit wet! as I put my finger through the cracks I notice it was wet. so I just used my wife blowdryer and boom! fixed! XD

penapedroj -

Still don't know should the roller brush b spinning when vacuum is on ??

Scarlett - 답글

Yes, when it is in the down position.

Robert Metheney -

We paid too much money for this pc of Crap. Checked everything and need another floor piece because the board is bad. 92 to replace. Its cheaper to buy another and the warranty doesn't cover it

Dana Pirtle - 답글

The blockage is in the metal wand, tube, whatever you call it. Pls help

Sandy Twyon - 답글

Why is there no reverse power on this vacuum?

Sandy Twyon - 답글

My new sharkwas delivered


Cleaned my laminate flooring which only took me 20

Changed setting to vacuum my rug and didn't get to completely finish as I could smell like a rubber burning smell .

Switched straight off and thought smell was coming from the plug. But it's coming from my shark.

Now left it 60 minutes as advertising you to do.

Now it has no power. . Motor isn't working.

Anita king - 답글

Help first used new shark and it motor isn't working

Anita king - 답글

The lights come on but motor not working.

Gaynor Wilcockson - 답글

I was using the upholstery attachment and turned off the vacuum cleaner to empty the cup and my grandson turned the vacuum on without the cup and now it will not turn on. Has anyone ever had this happen? Did it just overheat the vacuum by any chance? So frustrated I've just had this over a year and have 2 dogs and 3 kids I need the vacuum to work! And I cannot afford to get another one... Other than that it's worked great!

Michelle Wingham - 답글

While I was emptying the canister my grandson turned on the vacuum cleaner and now it will not turn back on. Has anyone ever had this happen and will it eventually restart?

Michelle Wingham - 답글

I have a Shark Navigator with lift away canister, about 2 years old. The other day I detached the nozzle from the power head to vacuum under my baseboard heater, went to reattach to the base/power head and now the plugs do not line up to make a connection. I took it to my local vacuum repair shop to see if I was doing something silly and 3 of them so far have been unable to fix this problem. They are completely dumbfounded Please help me to get this resolved as I spent way too much money for this unit to be unusable.

Eleanor Rivera - 답글

I have a Shark Navigator lift away and loved it until I got new carpet a couple of weeks ago — I can’t push or pull the machine on the carpet to clean — is there a way to adjust for the height of the carpet. Its obvious that this machine does not do that on its own. If you have a solution, please post it. Thanks

Shelia O’Connor

Shelia O'Connor - 답글

If the brushroll is turning when you are vacuuming. It more than likely is the carpet is so thick the machine nose dives into the carpet. If that is the case you will need a different vacuum. If so get a hold of the manufacturer of your carpet and find out which vacuums they recommend.

Randall L Cartwright -

Is there a reset button

Linda Sanchez - 답글

on this vacuum is there a reset button

Linda Sanchez - 답글

I’ve had the shark navigator deluxe for a few months now - one of the wheels won’t turn so it pushes really hard. HELP!!!!

Sharon - 답글

I have had my shark duo clean for 1 month. No blockage filters are clean rollers are going around not picking up dirt. Dirt cup is empty. Don't know what else to do. Paid more for this vacuum than any other ever and it's junk

Lori VanLake - 답글

I have a shark navigator which is having problems with the powerhead roller brush. It is working fine when switched on and off the floor but as soon as I put it down on the floor and start vacuuming, it makes an awful sound and stops spinning and appears to be manually rolling. As soon as I stop, it stops. When I lift it up off the floor it is spinning fine. Any suggestions?

Andrea O'Brien - 답글

I have the Shark Navigator® Freestyle, so excited for a cordless vacuum! However, after light (very light) use on one floor, the rollers are spinning but there is zero suction. Going over the save space a dozen times and nothing gets picked up? Dust cup emptied, sponge filter cleaned, head assembly cleaned. what a colossal piece of JUNK?!!

Tracey T - 답글

I have a Shark® Rocket® Complete with DuoClean™ - HV381… the brush will not spin at all, I have cleaned everything… brush, filters, and hose…the orange part doesn’t seem to spin.. any clue what it could be?

Vanessa C - 답글

My question is, is there a small black blet rubber piece that goes to the shark. And if it's the filters, where can u buy them.

Joe DiDonna - 답글

I have a shark rocket that has just packed up working. Was absolutely fine yesterday after use. Now won't switch on. Checked all filters and hoses and fuse. Any answers to this?

Karen Upchurch - 답글

My shark rocket has just packed up working. Was absolutely fine yesterday after use. Now not switch on. Checkedall filters and hoses and fuse. Any answers to this?

Karen Upchurch - 답글

I purchased the Shark Navigator XLS, Model# NV581 a little over a year ago from Target. It would as the most expensive vacuum that Shark sold. $400. Now, it's discontinued! I can't find the HEPA FILTER or Replacement pads anywhere! Trust me I looked.

I can't use my Vacuum, if I don't have these both!

Should I call Shark & tell them the send me a New Model? They should!

Shahram - 답글

I have the Navigator and purchase my filters thru Amazon. Better prices!

joJoan -

I WILL NEVER buy another shark vacuum cleaner. I paid close to $300.00 after 3 months it stopped working!! I got so many problems when I tried to get shark to fix it that I gave up. I had a warrantyfor a year but they made it difficult for me. I bought a $50.00 red devil and after a year it is still doing what it's supposed to do. As for the shark and the other pieces that came with it, it's in my closet taking up room. Time to get rid of it. All the talk of how great it is, is not true. Don't buy one. I never will.!!Thanks.

carmen ramirez - 답글

Just spoken to Shark customer services, very helpful. Mine wasn’t picking up dirt as it used to - turned out that the neck of the floor unit had a crack in it! They are replacing the whole vacuum for me, it is around 2 years old. Very pleased!

Benjamin Caspi - 답글

VACUUM GLITCH? I am having trouble with our vacuum because when I detach the lift away canister to be able to vacuum under furniture - the spinner brush stops spinning in the vacuum head. The spinner brush works totally fine when the lift away canister is attached to the vacuum. Is this a feature or a defect? Everything is properly connected however!

Bakhtawar - 답글

I have a clog in my sharp sweeper. It seems to be right where the handle is on the hose - unreachable How do I get it unclogged?

Mary -

There are no blockages and the switch is in the correct position but when the power head is pressed down with the foot the rotator bar does not engage. What can I do?

Michael Ruggiero - 답글

I have a clog where I cannot reach. What do I do? Need to clean my house!!!

Mary - 답글

Have cleaned the filters. Have checked hoses and other parts but when you go to put on bare floor it does not pick up. Help

Tracey Ryan - 답글

We have a brand new Shark Rotator NV681. The tires leave black streaks on linoleum. Anyone else have that problem and how did you deal with it? Thanks so much.

Martha Stoodley - 답글

For the amount I paid this has to be the worse quality vaccuum I have ever owned. I have 5 kids so I have owned just about every vaccuum. Kirby was easier to deal with. The brush stopped spinning. Light doesn't come on. I took it apart cleaned everything. The plastic pieces break very easy. I wasted 200 on a vaccuum that didn't last a year. - 답글

Same problem. Mine is 3 months old. Called Shark they said buy a new brushroller. I did for 75.00. The new one won’t work. Now I’m out 300.00.

Jenn Garr -

Bought my vacuum last week the handle keeps coming out whilst Im using it. I lock it in and it keeps coming unlocked, the machine falls to the floor.

Jacqueline - 답글

My 5 year very reliable SHARP NV 502 suction has stopped working. All filters cleaned and all airways open. My wife used it as a shop vac to clean a wet carpet. I do not know if that effected the motor. Beater and light go on but no suction.

Bob Del Popolo - 답글

I have the lift away deluxe and just cleaned the filters. When I put the front filter back on and turn on the vacuum, the front filter goes flying! I hear it click in but it won't stay. Any suggestions?

Darcie barnes - 답글

Our Shark Navigator roll-away vacuum wouldn’t suck. There was a loud noise and sounds like air blowing out a hole on the side. It turned out there was an ad-card jammed in the main metal tube. There was also dirt clogs in the small connector hose to rotator brush and in the handle tube. After clearing all three blockages, Shark is working great again!

Dr Dennis Ayon MD - 답글

I have a shark pro lift away model number NV370 And my brush roller will not turn on the light will not come on I’ve disconnected it I’ve helped it back in I’ve heard it click it was working fine yesterday it does not work today the vacuum is not that old navy going on three months not even that any ideas

Shannon Belloff - 답글

There’s nothing clogged in the rollers and the roller does turn could it be a broken belt

Shannon Belloff -

I’m short, And the metal part of the handle is to long. How do you shorten the metal part of the handle???? Is there a screw to do this or is this a standard piece and cannot be shortened?

Vickie - 답글

I have a Shark powered lift away model # 40. My metal part of the handle is to long. I’m short and I need to shorten handle. Is there a screw on the handle somewhere to shorten it?

Vickie - 답글

My shark navigator model number nv357 26 was not getting power. Nothing was happening. Removed motor and blew out motor with compressed air. Re-assebled. Works again. I have owned this vac for 7 years. Works great, would not trade for any other brand.

Timothy Ackerman - 답글

I have a SHark duo clean - 6 months old. When I switch on the motor revs up then floor surface indicators start flashing and hoover switches off I have cleaned filters. there’s no blocked hoses and brush head is clean and free This is a cordless vacuum and I charge batteries after use when down to flashing one bar. Am at wits end

Karen Johnson - 답글

I was vacuuming for a friend that had a lot of dirt and dog hair and the vacuum got very hot and quit working. The lights on the front still turn on but nothing else happens. Will try some of these suggestions but am very disappointed after I heard so many good things about this model.

Karissa Beck - 답글

I have a shark navigator and the vacuum turns on and the bar works but the motor won’t turn on? I love my shark!!! Help!

tonnagy - 답글

It’s working!!! Yey must need to reset? Whew I love this vacuum

tonnagy -


I tried a broom. No luck.


ribobbie - 답글

I purchased the shark duo clean slim around Easter it worked as good as my eureka that is 8 yrs old and duct taped here and there well used but didn’t take much time for it to kinda suck the suction is good at first when cup is empty but it barely fills up and doesn’t seem to be as strong if I go get the ol workhorse out it will pick up what the shark couldn’t WHY??!!

carson.darcy - 답글

Shark power lift away DLX it will vacuum in carpet setting but will not turn on in bare floor setting

Any Ideas to fix the problem?

Brian - 답글

The brush motor srarts and then stops after about 10 seconds. How do I fix this

Mike Currier - 답글

Shark Rotary Professional True Pet

Rotater brush starts then stops after a few seconds. How do I fix

Mike Currier - 답글

If suction is lost only when using the floor attachment, this might help. After I cleaned all the clogs in the usual places and installed three new filters, the brush unit was still spinning but not picking up. Since the handheld unit was working just fine, I reasoned there must be some piece used exclusively by, but separate from, the floor attachment. I traced the vacuum path and saw the upright piece labelled “Extension Wand.” The red latch at the bottom releases this part. You should be able to see straight through this tube; I could see no light. I dug out the huge blockage, which included a lens cleaning microfiber cloth, and now I have my wonderful Shark back in working order. I haven’t seen any reference to cleaning blockages from this piece. I figure because it has no bends or crevices, it isn’t prone to clogging unless you vacuum up cloths! I hope this helps someone.

Jane Osborne - 답글

I have a Shark navigator, 3 months old, brushroller won’t turn on. Shark said it wasn’t covered under warranty. So I bought a new one. 75.00. The new one won’t work. Now what do I do?

Jenn Garr - 답글

I've got a shark lift away the roller still goes round on hard floor setting it shouldn't do that

Maxine smith - 답글

I have a Shark Navigator Lift Away Deluxe, a few years old. Recently it has lost some suction and the roller kicks dirt backwards. There does not seem to be any blockage.

Jessica - 답글

My shark suck well and works well but after a couple seconds it smells as if the belt is burnt yet it is not and then it doesn’t suck good any ideas why?

Donna Limones - 답글

There is a vent on the left side of my Shark Navigator, it just started pulling suction thru that. Its where the 2 filter pads rest. Why is doing this and how do I fix it?

Kelly Z - 답글

My shark is supposed to be for pets but it blocks up in hose every time you use it never goes up to the empty tray don't buy spend more time unlocking hose than hoovering

parkerleah - 답글

My power nozzle base has no suction. The tube was clogged but after unclogging u get suction on tubes but NOT rotating base.??

Debjackson - 답글

I have cleaned the roller but the roller still won’t turn

lori.mcmorrough - 답글

I have cleaned the roller but the green light and roller won’t turn or come on

lori.mcmorrough - 답글

My shark navigator is only 12 months old, but despite sold as suitable for pet hair, my hose keeps blocking up and I have to completely take it apart and remove the blockage. Any ideas please

Hazel Barrow - 답글

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