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Skullcandy Mix Master DJ Troubleshooting

Nothing comes out of the speakers when the device is connected to an audio player

Check the volume levels on both the headphones and audio player. You can check volume on the headphone by pressing the plus button on the wire.

Make sure the jacks are fully pushed in on both the headphones and audio player.

If the mute button on the side of the headphones is pressed, no sound will come out of the speakers.

Switch to the second cord that came with the headphones to see if it is a wire issue.

Worst case Scenario. If none of the above options work, it is most likely a hardware issue.

When pressing the volume control button, the volume does not change.

Volume cannot change if mute button is pressed.

Make sure the jacks are fully pushed in on both the headphones and audio player.

Volume cannot be turned up when it is at maximum value.

The volume control button is only compatible with apple audio devices.

If none of the above fixes work, there may be a hardware issue within the button itself.

The headphones will not open from a close position or will not close from an open position.

An object could be lodged between the hinge, preventing it from opening or closing.

An object could be blocking the small groove inside the hinge that allows the headphones to snap into place.

Check to make there is no object blocking the path. If this does not work, there could be an internal problem with the headset.

The spring on the inside of the headphones could be damaged or jammed.

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