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When device is plugged in, it won’t turn on

The Sonos Connect AC power cord is not functioning properly. Replace the power cord with another compatible one.

The power port located on the rear of the device is not functioning properly. To fix this issue, the power supply will have to be replaced. To do so, refer to our repair guide located here.

When the Connect is powered on, it won’t connect to WiFi

Ensure that the router that you are connecting to is connected to the internet. Once the router is connected to the internet, you can hardwire the Connect for initial setup with your network.

Ensure that your portable device or laptop is connected to the same network that the Sonos Connect is connected to. The Connect cannot be connected to a mobile data or foreign WiFi network.

Before the Connect can be used over a WiFi connection, it has to be initially set up by hardwiring to the router. Connect the Connect to the router with an ethernet cable and locate the Connect on your network using the Sonos Controller app. After this has been done, follow the steps in the app to set up the Connect for wireless use.

When the device is on and connected to WiFi, no audio is coming from the speakers

Make sure that the mute button on the Connect is not depressed. If it is, press it to unmute the volume. Also, make sure the volume in the app is turned up. To do this, either increase the volume using the rocker on your phone or laptop, or drag the slider in the Sonos Controller App.

On the rear of the device, the red and white connections require a RCA cable to connect to external speakers. Also there is an optical audio connection or coaxial connection that can be used. Only one of the audio outs is required for external speakers.

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On my unit only one of the stereo channels is functioning. When I switch speakers between channels the audio is not present on the same output channel, i.e. The speakers are functioning properly. I suspect a blown output channel but. Could this be a problem between the base unit and the amp?

jjobrien48 - 답글

Probable interna fault

Jim Warren - 답글

The light on my unit does not come on and it does not show up in the app. But the unit is warm so I think it is getting power.

Ed C - 답글

Same as Ed C, My Connect suddenly dropped off the list of ‘rooms’ and will no longer connect to wifi or via ethernet. It will not ‘reboot’ by on off or by switching on whilst holding pause button. When switched on, the white light comes on for approximately 4 seconds then goes out. Nothing else happens. It gets warm, The rear digital out port has an active red light showing inside but the Connect remains unseen by the system. I have rebooted my router. My other sonos speakers all continue to work fine. Has anyone else had this problem and is there a known remedy please?

Keith - 답글

I have this exact same issue. Did you get it resolved? Can’t seem to find any solution, but you have the best description!

Banjopikr -

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