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Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-TX55 Troubleshooting

Flash does not work ¶ 

Anytime you take a picture the flash does not go off

The flash is not turned on ¶ 

Depending on the camera, there should be a flash button with an icon that looks like a lightning bolt. You can press this button to change the flash settings.

The flash setting is not set properly ¶ 

When turning on the flash it may set to AUTO or the ON setting. Sometimes the flash will not go off on AUTO setting if the camera detects enough backlighting. By turning it to the ON setting, it should flash every time you take a picture.

The built in light bulb may no longer be working ¶ 

If you have made sure the flash is turned to ON or AUTO and the flash still does not go off, the bulb may no longer work. Please see a guide on how to change the flash lightbulb.

Pictures look distorted ¶ 

Pictures taken come out blurry or distorted on the LCD screen

The lens is dirty/has smudges ¶ 

When taking pictures the lens must be clean with no dirt or finger smudges on it. If there is enough dirt or smudges the pictures may not be taken clearly and will look blurry or distorted. Only clean your lens with a proper cleaning cloth

The camera is not sturdy when pictures are taken ¶ 

If you are using your camera without a tripod then it is likely that the pictures may become distorted. If your hands shake or the camera is not completely still it can cause the picture to become distorted. To avoid this a tripod may be used if your camera is compatible. If not make sure to cause as little movement as possible when taking pictures.

If the lens is clean and the camera is not being moved while pictures are taken, then the LCD screen may no longer be functioning. Please see the LCD repair guide to fix.

The camera will not power on ¶ 

No matter what you do, the camera will not power on

Battery is not inserted properly ¶ 

Make sure that the battery is inserted properly. If it is, make sure that the battery door is shut before pressing the power on button.

Battery pack is dirty ¶ 

Check the battery pack to see if is dirty, this may cause the device to not power on. If the device has no response remove the battery and connect it to the charger provided.

=== Faulty battery===

If the device still won’t power on, then the battery is faulty and you will need to replace it.

Wrong battery ¶ 

Check to make sure that you have the proper battery for your device. If not buy the proper battery for the device and then install

Pictures are not saving to device ¶ 

Pictures taken are not appearing in your photo gallery

Insufficient storage ¶ 

Sometimes a device is at its capacity with pictures, therefore the memory may not be able to save the recent pictures being taken. Take some time to delete some pictures or save pictures to memory card or computer to make room for new pictures being taken.

Save button is not being pressed properly ¶ 

The save button may not being pressed correctly, make sure you are holding down the button till the device reads saved.

Memory card has not been installed ¶ 

Many devices can only hold so many pictures, make sure a memory card has been inserted to save more pictures. The memory card will help keep your pictures safe as well.

The LCD screen is blank ¶ 

When you turn your camera on, the LCD does not show any sign of display.

Lens cover is still on ¶ 

Make sure you have removed the lenses cover before taking pictures. If the lens cover is still on the LCD screen will not light up.

Backlight is not working ¶ 

Press the display button several times to check if LCD back light is working. There are settings that make the brightness of the screen

The light is working but the screen is still black ¶ 

Make sure no Audio/Video (A/V) cables are connected for viewing pictures on a TV; the LCD screen does not show up when (A/V) cables are connected.

The LCD screen is still not working ¶ 

If your device’s LCD screen is still not working, then you device is faulty. You will need to contact Sony for further assistance.

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