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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX10 Troubleshooting

Camera Does Not Turn On

My camera will not turn on even though I set it to “on.”

Uncharged Battery Pack

Your battery pack may have no charge left. Try charging the battery pack. Make sure to plug the battery charger into a working outlet, then, connect the power cord to the battery charger and battery pack. The Power/Charge lamp should be lit. The lamp will turn off once the camera is fully charged, approximately 210 minutes. Insert the battery into the battery compartment of the camera.

Dead Battery Pack

If you have been charging your battery pack but your camera is still not turning on, or if the Power/Charge lamp is flashing, there is a charging error and your battery may be dead. You may need to replace your battery pack.

Problem with Battery Circuit

If you have replaced your dead battery but your camera is still not powering on, your camera itself may have a circuit problem. Fix the battery circuit problem using this guide.

Photos are Not Saving

My camera is saying that my photos are not saving.

Memory Card Inserted is Not Compatible

If you have inserted a memory card but you are still unable to save image data onto it, you may have a memory card that is not compatible with the camera. Even though the card looks like it fits , check to make sure it is supported with the DCS-TX10. Consult the user guides and instruction manuals for specific information.

Memory Card is Not Inserted Correctly

If you have the correct memory card but are still having difficulties saving photos onto it, the memory card may have been inserted incorrectly in the wrong direction or at a slant. Try reinserting the memory card. Carefully pull out the card and put it back in the correct direction and angle.

Memory Card is Dirty

The correct memory card could be correctly inserted and still not be able to save photos, and this may be caused by any dirt on the memory card terminals. Gently clean the terminals with a soft, dry cloth or a clean cotton swab and then reinsert the card.

Memory Card is Full

Unfortunately, memory card space isn't unlimited. Once a memory card is full, it is unable to store any more data. To free up space, back up or transfer the existing data into a hard drive or your computer. Once you have copies of your photos in another safe place, delete everything off your memory card so you can save more photos on it. Another option is to purchase another memory card and replace the full memory card with the new one.

Flash Does Not Fire

My flash light does not activate when I take a picture.

Flash Function Not Turned On

Your flash setting may not be set to operate when you take a picture. Make sure to set the flash function to “On” before you take a picture. Touch the MENU on the screen, then select Flash under the menu items to set the flash setting. When flash is on, there should be a lightning-shaped icon displayed on the LCD screen.

Dead Flash Bulb

If your flash setting is set to “On” and there is a flash icon on the LCD display but the flash still does not activate, then you may have a dead flash bulb. Refer to this guide to learn how to replace your flash bulb.

LCD Display is Not Showing Anything

My LCD screen is just showing a black/blank screen and is not responding.

Camera Not On

You camera may be showing blank because it is not turned on. Check to make sure that your camera is turned on. If it isn't, press down on the Power/Charge button to turn it on.

Unattached Wiring

Unattached wiring in your camera may be the cause of your display showing blank. Consult this guide to find out how to fix the wiring.

Broken Screen

Your screen may have noticeable or hairline cracks that affect the display. When a crack occurs, it might affect the LCD panel behind the screen. You may want to replace the screen.

Pictures are Blurry or Distorted

I’m not seeing what I’m suppose to see through the lens.

Lens is Dirty or Smudged

If the images behind the lens are blurred, spotted, or looking weird, check to see if your lens has any dirt or marks on it. Gently clean off the lens using a soft cloth until the lens is clear of all smudges.

Lens is Cracked

If your lens is clear of dirt and smudges, but your images still look incorrect, your lens may have a crack on it. As this will continue to affect your photos, you may want to replace your lens.

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My sony cyber shot DSC TX10 camera has gotten so it will not focus. Is there a fix for it.

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