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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX100 Troubleshooting

Camera Will Not Turn On ¶ 

When trying to turn the camera on, it instead does not activate

Dead Battery ¶ 

The immediate solution to your problem will be to replace the battery in the camera as it could be faulty or completely dead. Doing this is as simple as acquiring a new battery and then replacing the older one with it. Refer to our guide on how to replace it.

Battery Is The Incorrect Brand ¶ 

The battery that is inside the camera might be a brand that is incompatible with the camera, refer to the manufacturer if this is the case in order to find out the correct brand of battery needed.

Battery Or Battery Terminal Are Dirty ¶ 

Dirt and other harmful residue can find its way into a camera if the camera is handled poorly. This then could cause harm to various systems in the camera. For this issue you want to check both the battery and terminal to make sure there are no harmful particles like dirt or sand on or around them. Try to clean the battery with a cloth, for the terminal a q-tip can reach inside. Just make sure not to have it soaked in water since there is a large chance of it harming the camera.

Battery Terminal ¶ 

The terminal may be dirty or faulty, thus it is important to remove it in order to either clean it or replace it. A soft cloth or something small like a q-tip can be used to clean said battery terminal.

Camera Does Not Charge ¶ 

Trying to charge the camera is in vain as there could be something wrong with the charge port or charger.

Charge Port is Faulty ¶ 

The charge port on the camera is either dirty or in need of replacement. To do either it is recommended that you remove the charge port in order to replace or clean it. Refer to our corresponding guide on how to do this.

Temperature Is Too Low ¶ 

In extreme cases of low temperature, the charge may not flow from the charger and into the camera. In this event it is recommended to get someplace warm for both you and the camera.

Incorrect Charge Cord ¶ 

Check to see if your charge cord is the correct brand for your camera, if you are not sure check the manufacturer website for information on the correct charger.

The Camera Turns Off Unexpectedly ¶ 

During camera use the camera will shut off without warning.

Uncharged Battery ¶ 

In this instance it is likely that the camera battery has been completely drained of charge. In this case, the camera must be plugged into a power source via the charger port and charger cord, in order to build up charge.

Bad Battery ¶ 

A second possibility is that the camera battery is dead, to the point where it holds minimal or zero charge, in which case a new battery will need to be installed in order for the camera to be functional. Refer to our guide on how the replace the battery.

LCD screen is dim or dark ¶ 

While the screen was once bright, now it has dimmed or gone dark.

Back Screen Brightness ¶ 

The first instance could be that the adjustable level of back screen light is set on low. This can be corrected by changing the adjustment for the backlight to a brighter setting.

Burnt Out Bulb ¶ 

The backlight may be burning out or dead. In this case, the backlight bulb will need replacing with a new backlight bulb.

Auto focus is not working ¶ 

Camera cannot focus properly on an image, leaving the image constantly fuzzy.

Auto Focus Settings ¶ 

The camera has three different auto focus settings, Intelligent Auto, Superior Auto, and program auto. The auto focus setting that you are trying to use may not be appropriate for the kind of picture you are trying to take.

Lighting Conditions ¶ 

The lighting conditions within which you are trying to take a picture may not be effective. The auto focus ability is only useful if the setting can recognize contrast between different objects in the snapshot. Taking a picture in more effective lighting could enable the auto focus to function properly.

Damaged Components ¶ 

The system components supporting the camera’s auto focus ability are physically damaged, resulting in a lack of functionality. In this case, further inspection should be made to identify what damage the auto focus hardware has sustained, and then then replacing the necessary parts.

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