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Sony Ericsson Z500a Troubleshooting

Either you are unable to turn on the phone or a blue screen is displayed.

If your phone does not turn on try one of these solutions:

  • Plug charger into phone and let phone charge for about 5 minutes and then try turning on phone again
  • Remove battery, replace it and try turning on phone again
  • Remove battery, replace it, and plug in the phone and then try turning it on

If your phone only displays a blue screen remove the battery and then replace it. If this does not work it is a hardware problem.

You have problem accessing your phone because it says that you need a password.

If your phone says that you must enter a password to access the phone, enter the code "0000", this is the default unlock code built into the phone.

But if that does not work, that means that for some other reason your phone's code has changed and you must contact your wireless provider so they can give you the unlock code.

You have problems sending text messages and or picture messages.

In order to send text messages your phone needs the number to the service center.

  • Messages -> Settings -> Text Messages -> Service Center. If there is no number on the list -> Add and enter the number (you may need to contact your wireless carrier to get the number) ->Save

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