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My camera will not start up when the power button is pressed.

If the camera won't turn on then the battery needs to be recharged. The CHG light next to the battery will light up indicating it is charging.

If the CHG light is not on when plugged in try re-plugging the charger back in if there is still no light the battery is not charging.

After long term use, the life of the camera battery will eventually be exhausted and need replacement. Swelling of the battery is a good indicator that the battery has gone bad.

Cannot access media, format error code comes up.

Data can become corrupted from overheating after long term use of the camera. Formatting the Hard Drive will fix this problem.

If formatting the HDD does not fix the problem then the camera may have to be factory reset. Make sure to connect your Handycam to a computer to save your pictures and videos. To factory reset the device:

1. Open the hinge screen.

2. Use a pencil, toothpick, or similar instrument to press into the hole that says RESET next to it.

If formatting and resetting the camera does not fix the error the HDD should be replaced refer to HDD replacement guide.

SD card cannot be read or displays error code

If the SD card cannot be read make sure that your SD card is compatible with your Handycam and that is properly plugged into the camera. Then try formatting the SD card.

If your Handycam cannot read your SD card try testing another SD card to see if it will read it. If your second SD card also cannot be read you may need to replace the SD card slot. Refer to the SD slot replacement guide.

Sound is not coming out like it's supposed to.

If your camera's sounds is scratchy or there is no sound, then the speaker is worn out, or may have blown from over use of max volume or the camera has been dropped. This problem can be fixed by replacing the speaker using this speaker replacement guide.

Screen is not displaying like it should or image is distorted.

The LCD screen hinge can be broken by twisting the screen beyond its limit, which can tear the Ribbon wire. A torn Ribbon Wire will cause the LCD screen to not power on.

If the screen itself is damaged or cracked then it needs to be replaced. You can use the LCD screen replacement guide to determine if you need a full replacement or not.

Camera will not zoom or focus when prompted.

If you have dropped you device or there is obvious cracking along the lens and your camera does not zoom or focus anymore then the lens needs to be replaced. You can replace the lens assembly using this lens replacement guide.

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Screen picture continually going round and round I.e. From top to bottom and will not stop

david baker - 답글

Picture continually going round and round. How do I rectify this issue please

david baker - 답글

I am having Sony HANDYCAM DCR -SR68,

It shows the proble as HDD format error


Can anybody tell me how to solve it ?

Daanish - 답글

I know my Handycam DCR-SR68 camera has a clock battery. I need to locate it and change it. This battery is probably a button type battery.

loneseer1 - 답글

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