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No matter what you do, you can't get your camera to turn on

The battery might be dead and in need of charging.

The battery being used might be faulty, broken, or simply worn down from extensive use. Replace with a new battery.

The camera's circuit board may be broken beyond repair. This could happen for a variety of reasons, such as if water got into the camera or the camera suffered an exceptional fall. If you think the circuit board may be broken, you can try replacing it following this replacement guide.

The camera suddenly turns off without you wanting it to, and may not turn back on

The camera may automatically shut down if it becomes too hot or too cold. If you are in an environment with extreme temperatures and the camera turns off, try warming or cooling it back to normal temperatures.

Violent motion to the camera (throwing, dropping, or banging) may cause the battery pack to become dislodged. Try removing the battery pack and putting it back in to ensure it is installed correctly.

The battery pack either will not fit into or stay in the camera

Make sure you are using a NP-FM500H battery as this is the only battery the Alpha 65 can use.

Make sure the lock lever is being compressed by the tip of the battery pack as it is being inserted or the pack will not stay in.

The camera runs out of charge more quickly than it should or shows an incorrect amount of battery life remaining

This can happen when the camera is either too hot or too cold. Optimal temperatures for prolonged battery life are between 50 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

After repeated use a battery pack may wear out or die, causing it to not hold as much charge as it used to. If this happens the battery pack needs to be replaced entirely.

Images taken with the camera come out with irregular spots or scratches on them that should not be there

If there are spots on the images or the images are unclear, there may be dust on the camera's mirror. If this happens, remove the lens and carefully clean the mirror using a commercially available blower. Should the dust stick, use a microfiber cleaning cloth or soft tissue to remove the dust.

Irregularities on images may be the result of a scratch on the mirror of the camera. To see if the mirror is scratched, carefully remove the lens and closely inspect the mirror from several angles. If the mirror is severely scratched, it will have to be replaced. For help on replacing the mirror, follow the replacement guide HERE.

Pictures taken by the camera turn out blurry and out of focus despite having seemed clear in the viewfinder

Manual focus mode may be engaged- switch the focus mode to AF (autofocus).

The subject of the image could be too close for the focal length of the lens being used. To fix this, back up from the subject or use a different lens.

To test if the camera or the lens is broken, if available, use the camera and test with multiple lenses. Use calibration tests with a Focus Test chart and test with each lens. Here is a link to a page on to test and analyze lens focus (How to Quickly Test Your DSLR for Autofocus Issues).

Test to find the source of the problem. If the camera is the problem, there may be a hardware problem with the lens connection in the camera that might need to be replaced.

The screen on the back of the camera is frozen and the buttons do not work, preventing any changes to camera settings

First, try to turn off and turn on the device to see if it resolves the issue. If not, there may be a firmware issue.

To update the firmware, go to this link (Sony eSupport: Firmware Update) and follow the directions to update or reset your firmware on your camera. Make sure to see if you have the proper system requirements and choose the right operating system.

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My Sony SLT A-65V is unable to lock onto the satellites in order for the GPS to function. I have tried leaving it in open space with a 30 minute lock down period but still no connection.

Any advice as what you consider is the problem and a way to resolve it would be appreciated.

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