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Device is not recognized by computer USB or Media Go software. ¶ 

Connection Mode Not Turned On ¶ 

Ensure that the Walkman is in its data transfer mode. When the device is properly connected to the computer, the screen will display that USB storage is in in use. If the screen says “USB connected” you will have to press the play button when “turn on USB storage” is highlighted.

Reset Required ¶ 

To reset the Walkman take a small object or pin and press the ‘RESET’ button located on the bottom right corner of the backside of the device. Check the connection status of the device after the reset is completed.

Improper USB Connection ¶ 

The device may be connected to a USB port that is used for power only. Try plugging the device into a different USB port on your computer. Ensure that the USB is firmly connected to the computer.

If you are using a USB hub, disconnect the player from the hub and plug it directly into the computer.

Improper Media Player Connection ¶ 

Ensure that the wire is firmly connected to the the Walkman, if the wire is loose the device will not connect to the computer.

Computer Requires Reset ¶ 

Restart your computer and then reconnect the Walkman to check connection status.

Software Not Updated ¶ 

On your computer, check the Sony Support website for firmware updates. Install any available updates and reconnect the Walkman.

Device battery is not capable of holding charge. ¶ 

Device is Constantly On ¶ 

If your Walkman appears to be losing charge quickly throughout the day it may be because the device is always being turned on without you realizing. When you are finished using your Walkman, hold the ‘OPTION’ button that has ‘PWR OFF’ written above it. After the device turns off, move the ‘HOLD’ switch to the upward position. While the ‘HOLD’ switch is up, the buttons on the device are not capable of being used. When you wish to use the device again move the ‘HOLD’ switch to the downward position. This will prevent with Walkman from being turned on unintentionally.

Faulty/Dead Battery ¶ 

If the Walkman is quickly losing charge, it could possibly be due to a faulty battery. To test for a faulty battery follow the steps listed here.

Take a small object or pin and press the ‘RESET’ button located on the bottom right corner of the backside of the device. If the Walkman still continues to lose charge quickly, connect it to the computer and reset it again, while leaving it connected.

Look for available firmware updates on the Sony Support Website. If no updates are available and manually resetting the device does not work, formatting the device is another option. CAUTION: Formatting your device will delete all data including music files. In order to format your Walkman follow the following steps “SETTINGS > COMMON SETTINGS > RESET/FORMAT > FORMAT > YES”.

If the process finishes and the battery still continues to drain quickly, the battery is most likely faulty or dead. In order to replace the battery continue to the Sony Walkman NWZ-S764 battery replacement guide.

Device does not turn on or stays on for only a few seconds. ¶ 

Hold Function is Activated ¶ 

It is possible that the hold function is activated on the device. If this is the case, when any button is pressed on the Walkman, the screen will be illuminated for a few seconds. In order to to turn this function off, move the 'HOLD' switch to the downward position.

Battery Fully Depleted ¶ 

If the device is not turning on at all, it is very likely that the battery is fully depleted. Charge the device using a computer USB port.

When the battery is fully depleted it may take up to five minutes for the Walkman to turn on. If after five minutes, the device will still not turn on, try charging with a USB AC adapter.

Reset Required ¶ 

If charging the device does not turn it on, take a small object or pin and press the ‘RESET’ button located on the bottom right corner of the backside of the device.

Device does not turn off. ¶ 

Reset Required ¶ 

When the Walkman will not turn off, reset the device by taking a small object or pin and pressing the ‘RESET’ button located on the bottom right corner of the backside of the device.

If the device will still not turn off, connect it to the computer and reset it again, while leaving it connected.

Device display is blank. ¶ 

Insufficient Charge ¶ 

Ensure that the device is properly charged. Refer to the "Battery Fully Depleted" subsection of this Troubleshooting guide.

Broken Screen ¶ 

If you believe that the device is charged and that the problem is with the display; this can be tested. With speakers or headphones attached, and the hold function turned off; press down on the "MENU/BACK" button for a several seconds. This will bring your device back to the main menu. At this time press the play three times. If the device is working, but the display is not, you should hear the first song on your device.

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Hey email me at scwski at gmail dot com or ill check this site again soon... i have a sony bluetooth nwz s764 bluetooth device from many years ago. and i would love to listen to the music on the mp3 player, music which is now unavailable on the web. the screen is not working and i have an aftermarket usb connector that works. i dont have the headset or any other OEM equipment. but i do remember that when u start the mp3 player if the headset isnt connected u needed to hit the back button a couple times. and then when your back at the main screen you need to get to pc mode. which is think is hit the down key once and then hit enter twice once to go into the menu and the next to enter PC mode. I have tried it but it hasn't worked yet. if you can give me any more detailed information on how to enter pc mode without a screen that would be awesome. and all the music on the mp3 player is music from when my mother passed and i really want to listen to the songs again... thanks for you help...

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