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SoundBot SB571 Troubleshooting

SoundBot SB571 Bluetooth wireless speaker with built-in mic, 3.5mm audio port, and rechargeable battery.

Device does not have a long battery life; power is off soon after charging.

First, check the inside of the charging port; it may have dust or dirt in it, keeping the device from charging effectively. If the port is clogged, use an air duster to clear it.

If the charging cable is damaged then your device won’t charge properly. Check the USB cable with a different device, such as a cell phone or computer, and if the cable is unresponsive then it is defective and has to be replaced.

If the charging port and USB cable are working, but your device is powering down prematurely, then your battery may be damaged or faulty and needs to be replaced.

The speaker is not pairing or connecting to other devices.

The connected device is too far away from the device and needs to be brought within range. If the connected device is close to the speaker, but it is still giving connectivity problems, the speaker may have a poor Wi-Fi range.

The speaker is able to connect to a single device, but does not connect to other devices afterwards. Simply disconnect from the first device, then try connecting to another device again.

If the Aux cable is properly inserted into the speaker and a second device, and there is no connection established, or the connection constantly drops out, the aux cable may be faulty and needs to be replaced.

If it is determined that the aux cable is in good condition but there’s still a problem with the connection, try cleaning the aux port as it may be dirty and preventing a good connection.

When you turn on device, you detect a static sound in the background.

A reason for the static/muffled sounds could be a poor Wi-Fi range. This can easily be fixed by moving closer to your router, within approximately 150 feet, for the best Wi-Fi connection.

If the front panel of the speaker is broken or bent then the audio will sound warped or have static. If the panel has any visible deformation then it will need replacing.

Buttons are not responding.

Grab a wet cloth or wet wipe. Gently and thoroughly wipe down the targeted area to collect dust. If the dust persists to be a problem, you will need to be more precise. Grab a small, thin object such as a wooden toothpick. Carefully use the point of the paperclip to motion around the area and remove the remaining dust.

In this case, there is likely an obstruction of some kind underneath the button. Therefore, proceed to remove the button. Then, remove the obstruction completely.

Device is getting increasingly warm to the touch.

First, you will need to remove the cover. After, dust the area around the speakers thoroughly and completely. Proceed to dust the battery as well. Finally, dust off cover and put cover back on.

If the device is powered on, you will need to turn off the device by pushing the power button. Make sure the device is not in a warm area, such as direct sunlight. If available, place the device in a cool area and on a hard flat surface. For future usage, the device should be kept in a cool place and on a hard flat surface.

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My device blinks red when charging and it gets hot near the charging port. Any help on this?

emmah511 - 답글


I took off the cover and its the piece on the right of it that is heating up. I connected my phone to it and couldn't hear anything but a buzzing static and faint music playing.

emmah511 -

Can some one help me? I just bought my Soundbot and it won't stay to what I put it on. If I put it on the mirror it won't stay but my brother has the same Soundbot and his is old but his stays on the mirror or any other surface. Should I send it back to Amazon which is where I bought it from? How do I keep it on what I put it on

Daniel Berberian - 답글

I have soundbot sb271 and the language is chinese! how do i change it?

ohbeone - 답글

My SoundBot only connects to my phone when its off. When I turn it on, it doesnt connect. Can someone help?

Ariahius Snow - 답글

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