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Speaker Will Not Turn On ¶ 

You want to use your speaker but it will not turn on.

Battery Is Not Fully Charged ¶ 

Charge your battery for at least 8 hours to be sure that it is fully charged.

Defective Battery ¶ 

Your battery may be defective. If your battery is defective, the speaker will not have enough power to turn on. You will want to use this guide to replace your battery.

Deteriorating Speaker Sound ¶ 

Your device turns on but the speaker sound is not clear.

Dust Clogging Faceplate ¶ 

There may be dust clogging the faceplate causing the speaker to have a muffled sound. Pry the speaker off to clean out the dust with a damp cloth.

Blown Speaker ¶ 

If the speaker sound is distorted, then the speaker cone may be blown. This cannot be repaired and should be recycled properly.

Rattling Speaker ¶ 

Your speaker on the device sounds clear but there is a rattling noise that distorts the sound.

High Volume ¶ 

The volume may be too loud on the device causing it to rattle. Turn down the volume to a lower level.

Loose Faceplate ¶ 

The faceplate is loose. Make sure the faceplate is pushed down. It may be necessary to glue the faceplate back down.

Device Not Pairing ¶ 

Your speaker is turned on but you cannot get it to pair with another device.

Bluetooth is not turned on ¶ 

If your unit will not pair to your music device, make sure that the Bluetooth is turned on for the device you are trying to pair. It may be necessary to reset the speaker. In order to reset your speaker press the following buttons: Volume -, Volume +, Speaker Phone button, and then the Bluetooth button.

Will not pair to more than one device ¶ 

The device is unable to pair to more than one device at a time. The last device that paired to the Bluetooth speaker is the only one that will work at that time.

Loose Battery Door ¶ 

The battery door is loose and could lead to further complications.

Loose Screws ¶ 

If your battery door is loose it may be necessary to tighten the screws around the battery door. Make sure you use the correct size screw driver or you may strip the screws and make it unable for them to be tightened.

Broken Door ¶ 

If there are no screws loose, there may be a visible break in the door. This cannot by fixed and may require replacement. Otherwise there could be further damage to the battery.

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When using the bluethood it has static noice or like white noise can you help me?

Richard - 답글

My TDK A34 will not turn on but battery is still good enough to recharge my cell phone. It is less the 4 months old.

Leah - 답글

My TDK A34 will automatically mutes while connected to bluetooth after 10 mins of maximum playtime..please help ..

Rizwan - 답글

BUMP. Same problem here, it's frustrating as !&&* and shouldn't be happening for a speaker this expensive. Shame on you TDK, you are no longer a trusted name for me or my friends.

Jack S -

Same problem Bluetooth is not.good, anybody has solution I regret buying

versed raina -

My speaker 'ticks' all the time - why??

Sarah Duckworth - 답글

Sound mutes if it's turned higher than 3 lights. If it is connected to wall outlet it will play at max volume

rolis.kungs - 답글

Same here any news how to solve???

Joao -

I am having the same issue, and… the smell of burnt electronics is there.. Plays fine plugged into wall vol all the way up but if I run it off battery it will only go to about 3 full solid orange dots and then it shuts off. It will run for a long time off battery, but I have to keep it low. 3 dots or less.. Any fix suggestions out there???

Chris -

My speaker will cause my playback to be choppy and lag out my computer but if I disconnect it the computer speaker works fine and the choppy behavior disappears. I think either I need some specific driver update, but I’ve updated things already so maybe I have a failing speaker or failing bluetooth card..? Any suggestions?

Cole Boogaart - 답글

Hello I bought trek max A34 1 year ago , Bluetooth is not turning on and if it does after 5 mins Bluetooth automatically turns off and then after pressing Bluetooth button again it does not turn on.please anybody can help?

versed raina - 답글

hello I bought trek max A34 1 year ago, Bluetooth is not working does not switch on normally ,and when it does it turns off automatically after 5 mins.pleas somebody help in this Bluetooth issue?

versed raina - 답글

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