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My TDK Life on Record Trek 360 won't turn on

Charge it for 8 hours or more to make sure the battery is full.

You may simply have a broken battery. Check out this guide to learn how to replacement.

"My songs are playing but there is no sound coming from the speaker"

Try turning up the volume.

Check if the device is on.

Check to be sure that your device is properly connected to the speaker .

Be sure that your device is not low on battery. Low battery can effect the amount of sound coming from the speaker.

"My music sounds weird from my device"

Turn on your device and make sure it is playing.

Try adjusting the volume of the device

If you plugged in your device, make sure the 3.5mm audio cable is fully inserted.

If using bluetooth, try using the 3.5 mm stereo cable instead or try troubleshooting for Bluetooth.

Be sure there is nothing covering the speakers as this could make it seam as though one or more of your speakers do not work.

If your TDK Life on Record Trek 360 has sound only from only a few speakers, then those speakers may be broken and have to be replaced.

"My bluetooth keeps disconnecting from the device"

Place both devices within 30 feet, or closer, and move both devices away from other Bluetooth devices, microwaves, wireless routers and other electronics.

Ensure your TDK 360 and Bluetooth device are charged and turned on.

You can try pairing your Bluetooth device again or try connecting a new bluetooth device.

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Turns off on its own

SGWSR - 답글

A360 turns off on its own

SGWSR - 답글

My a360 turns off on its own.

Sebbe330 - 답글

Same issue. Fully charged. Just turns off after a few minutes. Can turn back on manually, but it just turns off. TDK is no longer supporting the speaker. Too bad as it is a great sounding speaker for its size

Larry Reinker -

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