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TaoTronics TT-SK06 Troubleshooting

Bluetooth wireless speakers model number TT-SK06

The battery in the device will not last long even at full charge.

The internal battery in the device may not be charged. Try charging the device to fix the problem. If the problem still persists even after charging the device you may need to replace the internal battery.

The wire that is used to charge the device may be defective. Limited charge may be getting through the device. Consider replacing the charging wire with a new one.

The connection of the charging wire may be loose when trying to charge the device causing limited charging to occur. Make sure to have a secure and tight connection between the device and the charging wire.

There is weak or no Bluetooth connection to the device.

There may be some interference causing the connection to the speakers to be weak or unstable. Try disconnecting any other Bluetooth devices in the area and check the connection between your device and the speakers.

The connection between your device and the speakers may be weak due to you being too far away from the speakers. To fix this move in closer to the speakers to get a stronger, stable connection.

Your device may not be paired to the speakers causing no reaction from the speakers. To fix this, pair your device with the speakers.

There is a scratchy sound coming from the speakers that sounds like static.

Static sound may be result of a poor Bluetooth connection. Try bringing Bluetooth device closer to the speaker.

If using Aux cord, check the connection of the cord from the audio device to speaker, and from speaker to audio device. A loose connection can cause static. If connections are solid it is possible the Aux cord may be faulty. Try using a different cord if possible.

Static may be a result of faulty internal wiring. In order to fix this it will require dismantling of device and rewiring device.

The device will not power on when prompted

Make sure the device is properly charged. Try using while device is plugged in to be sure it is a battery issue.

Battery may be faulty. This will require the purchase and installation of new battery as well as the dismantling of device.

Power button may be faulty. Replace power button, this will require dismantling of device to replace.

You are unable to adjust the volume of the speakers

The internal wiring may not be wired properly to the volume control button. The quality of the connection of the wire may not be as strong which can cause faulty buttons. Consider opening the device and rewiring the buttons.

This may result in repeatedly and excessively pressing on a specific button for connections. Please be aware and ensure to check all buttons respond to their specific controls. Consider replacing the control buttons on the device.

There may be little to no response when using the aux cord

Aux cords are mainly temporary and very efficient while it lasts. A faulty aux cord may result in bad wiring connection or a banged up aux port. Consider replacing the aux cord with a new one.

The connection may be weak to the device. A loose or bad input connection can cause static or the device to not even function at all. Try unplugging the aux cord and plugging it back in with a stronger connection and a tight grip.

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My left ear on my tao tonics wireless ear phones stopped working and makes a weird static sound. I love these earphones. Help!

Elizabeth Burden - 답글

Same exact here! Have you managed to fix it?

Rsitu -

Me too please help up

MrfoHawkHD -

Can anyone tell me what kind of battery is used in the handsfree because I can not ship it out of the country to claim anything that will be expensive for me as I live in Pakistan and have to fix the battery though

salman.ahmad189 - 답글

The connection sounds is keeping playing over and over. I can't shut it off, not the sound, not the box, nothing. What should I do? Is there a reset button somewhere?

Thanks for the help (I'‘m hearing this sound for 2 hours now and is driving me nuts).

KR Stephanie

S Tuinte - 답글

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