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Back Plate Removal

Back Plate must be removed to access the rest of the internal device components

Tablet Will Not Keep a Charge

Takes hours to charge but won't keep the charge for long

Faulty Battery

The battery is fried it needs to be replaced.

Faulty Charging Port

Most charging ports seem to be fragile on the tablet. The charging port may have broke or got pushed in. Often times this can effect the charging capability of the tablet, causing it to either not charge at all or only sometimes. Check to make sure the tablet is actually charging the battery or not when the power source is applied. If there is no power when plugged in then a new charging port will need to be purchased. If the tablet will only charge sometimes you may want to look at just making sure the charging port didn't get pushed in and rescuer the port.

Brightness Issues

Tablet screen is either too bright or too dim

Faulty Backlight

If the brightness appears to be too bright or too dim when turned all the way up or down, including if the brightness has been adjusted in the settings, the backlight may need replaced.

Sound is Poor

Sound from speaker is quiet.

Faulty Speaker

The speaker has been found to not work at all, or work very poorly. Sometimes it can be your own headphones that are not working, so test your headphones on another device. If your headphones are working properly, you may need to purchase a new speaker for your tablet.

Screen is Unresponsive

Screen only responds in certain places or doesn't respond at all.

Replace the Screen

Some times accidents happen and the tablet screens break or crack. There are ways to deal with this instead of just throwing it out. For example there are online shopping sites like that will send a new screen so that the owner of the tablet can put the new one on. These new screens are priced around 30 dollars, which is much cheaper than getting a new tablet.

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I was messing with the settings trying to get play store to work, I switched something and now it will go to the android screen and will just sit there and seems like its loading up but doesnt actually go to a screen where i can go into settings, How can I get it reset without being able to go into the settings? I really need help, my only tablet and I cant afford to buy another one! Help!

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