Toshiba(Satelite M55-S135) Troubleshooting

My Computer is Running Slow ¶ 

Sometimes lower amounts of RAM or low disk space can cause the computer to run slowly. ¶ 

- Try installing more RAM by following the RAM replacement guide.

- consider upgrading your hard drive to a larger capacity.

- consider deleting any unused programs to free up disk space.


My Computer won't turn on or will not hold a charge ¶ 

A dead battery could cause the computer to not turn on. the problem could be the battery or the charging cables themselves. ¶ 

- Consider buying a new battery and replacing it using the battery replacement guide.

- Most AC adapters have a light that turns on to ensure proper functionality. If no light is on, consider purchasing a new laptop charger.

Laptop does not recognize my CD or DVD ¶ 

A CD or DVD is paced in the drive and still cant be read. ¶ 

- Make sure it is the correct disc. DVD will not work in a CD drive and DVD will not work in a CD drive.

- Your CD or DVD is scratched, if it is dirty enough, guaranteed, it is unable to be read by the CD/DVD drive. consider replacing the disk.

Your optical drive is broken ¶ 

- If your laptop will not read CDs or DVDs it could be that your optical drive is broken and not working correctly. To install a new optical drive, follow the optimal drive replacement guide.

Computer screen is dark ¶ 

A dark computer screen can be the result of a bad connection or the brightness is not up all the way. ¶ 

- Check the brightness level on the laptop. This can be a key that is pressed on the keyboard or can be done via the control panel.

- there may be a connection problem between your screen and the computer. Please refer to the screen replacement guide.

Internal keyboard doesn't work ¶ 

If a single or few keys are not working properly ¶ 

-Try uninstalling the current keyboard driver and reboot your laptop( the laptop will uninstall automatically):

•On the Start screen type "Device Manager.

•Select Device Manager from search returns.

•Select Keyboards and right-click on laptop keyboard. Select Uninstall.

•After the driver uninstalls, reboot your computer.

-Try performing a system restore to a date before the issue occurred.

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