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Toshiba Excite 10 AT300 Troubleshooting

This tablet was released mid 2012, and can be identified by model number AT300 or the name Excite 10 on the backplate

Tablet won't connect to other Bluetooth devices ¶ 

The tablet does not have any Bluetooth functionality.

Disabled Bluetooth Functionality ¶ 

The Bluetooth might be set to disabled. Check to see if Bluetooth functionality is set to "on" by going to All Apps ---> Settings ---> Wireless & Networks ---> Bluetooth

Software Error ¶ 

If problems persist, you may have a problem with the Bluetooth software. Try restarting the tablet. If this does not solve the problem, perform a full factory reset.

WARNING: A factory reset will wipe your tablet's memory. Ensure that your files are backed up before performing this reset.

Tablet won't turn on and screen remains black ¶ 

Tablet shows no sign of powering on and is unresponsive, or tablet is not charging.

Tablet is Plugged in Incorrectly or Socket is Faulty ¶ 

Make sure that the charger is plugged into a working socket and is securely connected with the tablet. Wait 10-15 minutes to see if the tablet recognizes if it is being charged; if it is still unresponsive, then something is wrong. First, try connecting to a different power socket.

Faulty Charger ¶ 

The source of the problem may lie in the charger. If the charger is badly frayed or damaged, it may be unable to charge the tablet. If this is the case, buy a replacement charger.

Broken Battery ¶ 

Problems with batteries can arise. If the tablet is not charging even with a working socket and charger, or is losing battery power at an unusual rate, the problem probably lies in the battery. If this is the case, see the Battery Replacement Guide.

Broken Screen ¶ 

It might be the case that the tablet's screen is not working, in which case the screen may appear to be off when the tablet is on. If the tablet is producing sound but no light is coming from the screen, there is a screen error. You will need to replace the screen to fix this problem.

Note: To do a screen replacement, you will need to have your device repaired by a professional. The screen is integrated into the chassis and cannot be removed.

Tablet won't read or write to the memory card ¶ 

Cannot save or open files on the memory card.

Loose Memory Card ¶ 

Remove the memory card from the tablet and then put it back in, making sure that it is inserted securely.

Incorrectly Formatted Memory Card ¶ 

Remove the memory card and plug it into a computer. Access "My Computer" and right click on the memory card's thumbnail. Click on "Format..." from the drop-down menu that appears and select file system "exFAT".

WARNING: This will erase all data on the card, so back up any files you want to keep onto your computer BEFORE formatting the card.

There is no sound coming from the tablet ¶ 

No sound can be heard from the speakers/headphones.

Incorrect Sound Settings ¶ 

If the volume buttons on the side of the tablet do not seem to affect the volume, go to the volume settings and see if the system sound is muted.

Bad Headphone Connection ¶ 

Unplug the headphones from the tablet and plug them back in. Ensure that they are all the way into the headphone jack.

Faulty Speakers ¶ 

There may be a problem with the speakers. See the replacement guide here.

Sound is inconsistent ¶ 

The tablet's volume fluctuates up and down.

Button is Stuck ¶ 

Check to ensure that nothing is touching the volume controls and that the button isn't stuck in the depressed position.

Software Glitch ¶ 

Restart the device. If the problems persist, install a volume control application or do a full factory reset (ensure that you have you backed up all your wanted files before starting a factory reset).

Faulty Speakers ¶ 

There may be a problem with the speakers. See the replacement guide here.

Tablet won't connect to computer via USB ¶ 

The computer doesn't recognize the tablet when it is plugged into one if its USB ports.

Missing/Corrupted Driver ¶ 

Download the driver for the tablet from the Toshiba website and re-install it.

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My tablet keeps saying webpage is not a available and my internet is connected what is the prblem I reset it and now it says my goole search is down please help me

rachelsoliz53 - 답글

I gave my brother my 2, Toshiba 10 inch tablets one was the Excite and the other was the Excite Pure. The Excite's micro charging usb no longer charges using the the wall charger and it no longer fits snugly and so it no longer charges. The other tablet the Excite Pure has volume issues so music no longer plays loud just medium to low sound. I had 2 year warranties on each tablet and was told c that because it was outbox warranty Toshiba couldn't take them in for repair because they were out of warranty so now I have 2 tablets that won't work correctly and my brother is very upset as well as myself that after paying alot of money for both tablets that Toshiba would do this to me so now I'm at a loss,

Pauline A. Fischer

Pauline Fischer - 답글

Tablet freezes up, and stays this way until the battery runs all the way down.

Brenda A DeRouen - 답글

Help me solve the puzzle

Brenda A DeRouen - 답글

Well mine tablet won't turn on. Not even on the plug. Is it because I have not charged it for a long time

Ceonee denae - 답글

My tablet is running slow and keeps shutting off

Rachel Black - 답글

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