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Toshiba Satellite C655D-S5084 Troubleshooting

Laptop won't turn on

If the computer will not turn on, there could be many different possible issues.

Bad Power Supply

Try using a different power supply if the power supply is bad. If this is the case, the computer will still run on battery power but will not be charged by the battery. If the problem persists the charging port is likely the issue.

Bad Charging Port

The charging port may be bad if the computer will not run using the power supply and the battery will not charge. If a new power supply does not fix the issue then the port needs to be replaced.

Disconnected Hard Drive

The computer will not boot up properly if the hard drive s not completely plugged in. Remove, reconnect, or replace the hard drive to fix the issue.

Bad Memory

If the computer turns on but then immediately shuts off, then the memory may be faulty. Remove the memory, clean it, then put it back in. If the problem persists, replace the memory.

Laptop Shuts off when Unplugged

When the power supply is unplugged the computer immediately shuts down.

Dead Battery

If the laptop turns on while attached to the power supply but will not turn on without it then the battery likely needs to be replaced. Make sure the battery is fully charged and then try to turn on the laptop. If the problem persists, replace the battery.

Blank/Black Screen

'If the screen is blank or won't turn on, there are several potential issues''

Screen Damage

If the screen is broken, the computer will turn on but the screen may be blank. To verify that the problem is the screen, connect the computer to an external monitor using either a RGB cable or an HDMI cable. If the external monitor shows what would normally be displayed on the screen, then the screen requires replacement.

Corrupted RAM

The computer may show a blank or black screen if the RAM slot is dirty or corrupt. Fix this by replacing one or both of the RAM modules in the computer.

Disconnected/Loose Ribbon Cables

If the cables that connect the screen to the motherboard, hard drive, power supply, and memory of the computer are disconnected, the screen will be blank. Fix this by opening up the laptop and reconnecting the cables.

Laptop Freezes During Use

If the laptop freezes during use, there many possible issues.


If the laptop overheats, possibly due to fan malfunction, this may cause a freeze. If the fans do not turn on when the computer heats up then need replacement or cleaning.

Not Enough Memory

If the laptop attempts to run too many programs at once, it will freeze. Consider upgrading the RAM or hard drive.

Corrupt Operating System Files

If operating system files are installed improperly or corrupted, the laptop will freeze whenever it attempts to access the file. Fix this by uninstalling and reinstalling all operating system files.

CD/DVD not working

Computer does not recognize discs in CD/DVD drive.

Disc stuck in drive

If the drive won't open, use a paperclip to press the small round button next to the eject button.

CD/DVD Won't Recognize Disc

If the CD drive laser breaks it will not recognize the disc. Try a few discs and if the drive does not recognize the presence of any discs then the CD drive may need to replacement.

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It has issue saying check cable connection for atheros PCIE ethernet controller. I have no disk

Shirley M Bost - 답글

It shut down and continues to say check cable connect…for Atheros PCIE Ethernet Controller. What do I do to get in to fix the issue since I have cable connection.

Shirley M Bost - 답글

Automatic repair comes up on screen with restart and advanved options but none will start the pc.

Chuck Sperry - 답글

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