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iRobot Roomba 4160 troubleshooting

The Roomba isn't turning on

After pressing the power button, the Roomba doesn't turn on.

The battery is too old and can't hold a charge

If the battery doesn't charge fully, you should replace it. Here's a guide for replacing the battery.

The battery isn't properly connected

If the battery isn't properly connected, disconnect then reconnect the battery. See the guide for replacing the battery.

The motherboard is defective

If the Roomba isn't turning on, and you have already tried reconnecting the battery or replacing the battery, then the motherboard is most likely defective and needs to be replaced. Here's a guide for replacing the motherboard.

The main brush isn't rotating

While the Roomba is operating, the main brush isn't turning.

The main brush is caught on another part inside the roomba or a piece of debris

If the main brush is caught on another part or piece of debris, you should remove whatever part or debris the brush is caught on and replace the brush. Here's a guide for removing and replacing the brush.

The brush motor is defective and needs to be replaced

If the main brush motor is defective, a symptom may be stalling under normal operating conditions, which causes the brush to stop turning. Here's a guide to replacing the main brush motor.

The Roomba is running in circles

While turned on and moving, the Roomba is running in circles.

One or more of the wheels isn't turning

If one or more of the wheels aren't turning, you should check to see if the wheel is caught on anything. Here's a guide for checking and dislodging the wheel.

The top buttons are unresponsive

The buttons don't respond when pressed.

The buttons' connection isn't secure

If the buttons aren't responding, you should first try to reconnect the buttons.

If the buttons still don't respond, you should replace the buttons. Here's a guide for reconnecting and replacing the buttons.

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