Troubleshooting IPad-Scanner-Printer


- Make sure Sprintdrive is updated to the newest version

- Make sure IPad is connected to Wi-Fi and connected to SprintShip

- Make sure IPad Bluetooth is on and connected to the scanner

- Make sure Sprintdrive settings display correct IP address

( open sprintdrive app > login > tap the menu icon [ = } > tap settings > {uncheck} use built in scanner > {check} print label after scan > make sure Ip address is either or, when using two devices both devices should have their own ip address > tap the test print button > make sure the correct printer is printing for the correct device.


Refer to guidebook with programming barcodes

To connect to a new Ipad

scan the barcode labeled disconnect/unpair > scan the barcode labeled (HID slave ) > scan the three barcodes directly below in order {scan options > Data Suffix > Enter } > open bluetooth menu on the ipad and connect to the scanner once you hear the BEEP they are paired.


If blinking red > reset the paper > press reset button on top of the printer / turn off/ on <- do not unplug and replug { there is an on/off switch in the back of the printer }

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