When attempting to use the IQS3 program you notice that the QPort3 is not taking measurements or a dialog box appears stating that the "QPort is not communicating".


  1. The QPort cables are not properly connected
  2. The "Auto detect" settings are not properly configured
  3. QPort device driver software has not been properly installed


  1. Reconnect all cables, making sure that the red indicator light on either side of the QPort is lit.
  2. Click on "Auto detect" under "Tools > Program Options > Probe Settings". A message will appear indicating the COM port where the QPort was detected. If the QPort was not detected, check that the QPort device driver software has been properly installed by following the instructions in Step 3.
  3. Open the Device Manager on your computer and locate the IQS device. A yellow warning symbol will indicate that the QPort has not been installed with the appropriate driver software. Install the software by right-clicking on the IQS from the list of devices and selecting "Update Driver Software...".

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