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Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 500P Troubleshooting

Ear Force® Stealth 500P with Wireless, DTS Headphone: X 7.1 Channel Surround Sound, and Mic Monitoring

No Sound ¶ 

Can't hear anything

Power is off ¶ 

Confirm that the Headset is on. The Charge/Pairing Status LED should be illuminated blue. NOTE: The Headset must be powered on for use, even when you’re connected via the Mobile Cable.

Dead/low battery ¶ 

Confirm that the Headset battery is charged.

Loose connection ¶ 

In game console use, confirm that Wireless Transmitter is properly seated in the USB port and that the Digital Optical Cable is firmly connected at both ends.

In mobile use, confirm that the Mobile Cable plugs are firmly seated in the Headset and the mobile device.

Lost pairing ¶ 

Confirm that the Connection Status LED on the Wireless Transmitter stays on. If the LED is slowly pulsing on and off, it indicates that the Wireless Transmitter isn’t communicating with the Headset.

Audio Drops, Popping or Clicking Sounds ¶ 

Poor Wi-Fi transmission ¶ 

For best performance, stand within 20 feet from the Wireless Transmitter.

Confirm that there is no wall or other large object between the Headset and Wireless Transmitter.

Confirm that the location of the Wireless Transmitter is clear of obstructions and isolated from Wi-Fi base stations or other potential sources of interference.

Voice Chat Drops ¶ 

Most in-game voice chat drops are caused by network congestion or “lag.” They usually subside after a few moments so please be patient. In extreme cases, you may need to leave the game and return to reset the chat function.

If you use a wireless internet connection, low signal strength from your modem/router can make the voice chat malfunction. For best results, we recommend a wired connection from your modem/router to your game console.

Incorrect console setup ¶ 

Confirm that the game console is properly configured for the STEALTH 500P

Mic muted ¶ 

Press the Mic Button on the Headset to toggle the microphone between on and off (muted).

Mic disconnected ¶ 

Confirm that the Removable Mic Boom is firmly inserted into the Headset.

댓글 8개

My transmitter is broken and I can't open it up any suggestions?

Matthew - 답글

My headset is stuck at max volume. ive never had a problem with them until an hour ago.

Lophius - 답글

did you fix it? i got the same problem suddenly

antton -

did you fix it? i got the same problem suddenly and i dont find a solution so i was wondering if you have found out because you had problem before me.

antton -

My headset is stuck at max volume.

pivos1 - 답글

Won’t charge. The charging port stopped working within a year of purchase. Tried buying another OEM cable, and it still won’t work. Cable’s not the problem, the port is. And other users on internet state the same. This should be considered a known issue and recalled for repair to consumers. This headset cost $$$ to malfunction and be a defective product.

jasmin marin - 답글

My transmitter is saying it's not getting a signal “ the first light on the transmitter isn't lit up “ even when I'm playing a game and can fully carry on a conversation with teammates but I do not hear any game sound what so ever… any help would be appreciated…im completely lost here

Mark singleton - 답글

My headset won't turn off or connect to the ps4

renren225 - 답글

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