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Turtle Beach Ear Force X12 Troubleshooting

Identified by model number X12. Model released in 2011.

Microphone Can Cut Out While In Use

Regardless of the connection, microphone cuts out.

Microphone Does Not Work

Make sure that the mic switch is off. The red means the mic is muted. The green light means that the mic is on. Start with no software on your computer. Disconnect the talk cable from the amplifier when connecting to a PC. Otherwise, for use with XBOX, double check that the microphone is enabled and volume is set in the system itself. The XBOX has a more detailed page to troubleshoot in the system.

Damaged Audio Cable

Connect the headset’s green 3.5mm plug into jack of music player of headphones. Connect headset into USB port on game console, computer, or wall adapter. Test to see if you can hear. Adjust game volume on the headset and the music player’s volume. Keep in mind that it could be the other player’s headset instead of yours. If cable has wires exposed patch it up with electrical tape. If needed, buy a new audio cable for your headphones.

Unable To Hear Others In Chat

Others can hear you, but you cannot hear them.

Failed Xbox Live Chat Jack Connection (Wired)

Try testing out the headset on a few different Xbox 360 controllers. If one controller does not work but another one does, you know you have a damaged XBOX live chat jack on the controller.

Malfunctioning Talkback Cable (Wired)

Try testing out the headset on multiple Xbox 360 controllers. If the headset does not work on a few different controllers, the talkback cable has malfunctioned and needs to be replaced. Replacement parts are available for purchase at Turtle Beach Products.

The Microphone Sounds Static When Trying To Use It To Speak

There is "white noise" or "static" noises while in game chat.

Broken Xbox Controller

Try a different XBOX controller to see if the problem still persists. If the microphone starts to work properly again, you have a failed Talkback Cable jack on the controller.

Malfunctioning Talkback Cable

When testing out the Talkback Cable make sure it is firmly plugged in. If its not, you will experience low quality sound in game and in chat. If you are having problems with the Talkback Cable not staying plugged in, and it only works if you're holding the plug in, the Talkback Cable needs to be replaced. Try flipping the Talkback Cable so that the right angled plug is in the headset jack. If the chat is working then the Cable malfunctioned then needs to be replaced. You can find replacement parts at Turtle Beach Products.

There is No Game Audio in One or Both Speakers

Audio cuts out in one or both headphones.

Broken Headset

Connection to a Smartphone/Portable Music Player

If your headset's audio is not working on one or both speakers on your game console, try plugging the headphone jack into a smartphone or portable music player. Make sure your headsets USB is plugged into a power source, and check to see if the LED is lit up on the amplifier. Once you start playing music make sure that the device's volume is at halfway, and the volume control on the headset is halfway. If you can hear the audio fine then the problem might be with the RCA splitter cable, or the TV's RCA jacks.

Failed RCA Cable

Connection to a DVD/Blu-ray Player

If you are not receiving sound in one or both speakers, try testing out the headsets RCA splitter cable on a DVD/Blu-ray Player that is equipped with red and white AUDIO OUT jacks. Make sure the headset's USB is plugged into a power source and the LED on the amplifier is lit up. Plug the headset's RCA cable into the movie player and start movie. If you can hear sounds in both speakers then the RCA splitter cable is working properly. If the audio is still not responding, try testing the RCA splitter cable by reversing the red and white jacks. Plug in the white jack to the red plug and the red jack to the white plug. Once it is hooked up this way, load into a game menu to listen to the game sounds through the headset. If the sound issue switches sides, then the RCA splitter cable needs to be replaced. If you still cannot hear audio through the same side of the headset, then the issue might be a faulty headset.

Broken Or Heavily Used Ear Cushions

There is uncomfortable wear and tear on the ear cushions.

Damaged Ear Cushions

If the ear cushions are damaged then they need to be replaced. The replacement parts could be found at Turtle Beach Products.

Light Does Not Turn On

Regardless of connection, the LED is not displayed.

Mic Mute Might not be On

In the remote section of the headphones, make sure that the switch is slid to the side that reads "ON". If it is on the indicated side as mentioned, double check that cables are in correct outlets. Try to plug cables and slide the switch again.

Headphones Are Not Connecting to Other Game System

My device does not see the headphones installed.

Adaptor Needed to Connect to Xbox 360

For game systems that are NOT Xbox 360, you will need to buy a PS4 talkback cable and headset audio controller. The setup for Xbox One can be found at Turtle Beach Support.

Adaptor Needed to Connect to PS4

For game systems that are NOT Xbox 360, you will need to buy a PS4 talkback cable. The setup for PS4 can be found at Turtle Beach Support.

Connecting to Other Devices

Turtle Beach Headphones X12 are designed to be compatible for Xbox 360 and PC only. For assistance with PS4 and Xbox One, see above. For any other systems (Wii, PS2, etc), unfortunately, they are not compatible.

Headphones Get Hot When Connected to PC

When in use, the headphones heat up.

Too Many Connections

This could be the case that too many USB devices are connected to the computer. This is due to the computer's USB hub not being able to handle the multiple devices. Disconnect unnecessary devices.

Damaged Power Supply Cable

The headphone's power supply may be damaged as it in not capable of handling the demand in both the computer and headphones itself. Check the computers for sign's of physical damage and double check the specific power supply needed.

Headphones Won't Appear In PC Settings

Headphones are working in PC but are not found in settings.

Headphones Settings Disappeared

The USB connection for the headphones is only necessary to power the amplifier. The individual headset will NOT display in your PC settings, only the microphone jack should appear. Look out for devices named 'Speakers' and/or 'Microphone'.

Information is credited to Turtle Beach x12 Support Page.

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go buy a different brand, my $300 xp510s didn't last 2 years with minimal use by an adult, mic side support has 3 cracks and the company is giving lame bs that its not covered as warr was only 1 yr when its obviously a defect

nic h - 답글

I was watching a TV show last night and all of a sudden heard a click and the volume went real, real low on the headset and the control box on the cord was so hot I couldn’t touch it for awhile. Nothing I do will get the sound above barely audible. The headset is only 2 months old and well cared for.

Charlene - 답글

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