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VTech Kidizoom Action Cam Troubleshooting

The VTech Kidizoom Action Cam is childproof camera mountable on bikes and helmets. Troubleshooting this VTech product can prove to be difficult, but we've made it as simple as possible below.

Camera not turning on ¶ 

Your camera is not turning on properly. You are pressing the power button but the device screen remains black or the display screen is not clear.

Master power switch is set to “O” ¶ 

Ensure that the Master Power switch is set to the "I" position.

Battery needs to be charged or replaced ¶ 

The battery must be charged for the device to turn on. To charge the device connect the camera with the Micro-USB cord to the computer or power supply to charge it.

Home(ON/OFF) button Stuck ¶ 

If the home button is stuck the device may not be able to turn on. To fix this you may need to clean or replace the button. Follow to disassembly guide on how to access the home button.

Bad display ¶ 

If green light indicator on the top is on and the display is not turning on, the LED display may be faulty. To replace the display on the device follow the LED Display replacement guide.

Bad motherboard ¶ 

If all previous solutions do not help, the motherboard may be faulty and needs to be replaced. Follow the motherboard replacement guide for information on how to replace.

Screen Display image flickering or stretched ¶ 

Your screen is flickering on and off and the image is distorted

Aspect ratio set too small/large ¶ 

To choose between the two available ratios:

1. Hit the home button

2. Select settings (The wrench and screwdriver icon)

3. Navigate to the Advanced Settings option

4. Navigate to Aspect Ratio

5. Press the left or right buttons to select your desired ratio. Then hit OK to finalize your choice.

Indoor Light Frequency set to incorrect setting ¶ 

Under this setting you can set the A.C. power frequency according to the country you’re in when traveling. If it is not set correctly, flickering on the camera / video’s preview screen can appear. Press the left or right buttons to select an option and press the OK button to confirm.

LED Screen connection is loose ¶ 

Ensure that the cable connecting the LED screen and motherboard is properly glued together. Also ensure that the screws holding the casing together are tight.

LED Screen is faulty ¶ 

If the connection between the LED screen and motherboard is secured, the LED screen may be the cause and will have to be replaced. Follow the LED Display replacement guide

Motherboard is faulty ¶ 

If the screen continues to appear distorted or flicker after the LED screen has been replaced, the motherboard may be the cause, and will have to be replaced.

Low quality or blurry images ¶ 

The images are blurry or low quality

Images were taken in a dark setting ¶ 

Taking photos or videos in areas with insufficient lighting can cause the image to be too dark to see clearly.

Image was taken during excessive motion ¶ 

Taking photos while moving the camera quickly can cause the picture to appear blurry, as the VTech Kidizoom Actioncam's 0.3 MP camera does not have the ability to take videos clearly while moving horizontally at a fast speed.

Camera Lens is dirty or scratched ¶ 

Gently use a Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol to clear away debris and smudging on the camera lens. If significant scratching is revealed, you will need to replace the camera lens. Refer to our Camera Replacement Guide if this is the case.

Camera cable is disconnected ¶ 

Ensure that the cable connecting the camera and the motherboard is properly connected. Compare your camera cable to the one in our Camera Replacement Guide to determine if this needs to be replaced.

Motherboard is faulty ¶ 

In the case that the camera is properly connected to the motherboard, the motherboard may be the cause and will have to be replaced.

Cannot connect to computer ¶ 

You cannot connect the device to the computer. The computer does not recognize that the device is connected to the computer.

Camera is powered off ¶ 

If the camera is powered off the device will not be able to connect to the computer. Turn the device on before connecting it to the computer.

Connection Cable is charge only ¶ 

Some micro-USB cables are charge only, and do not have the ability to move pictures to and from a computer. If available, use the connection cable included in the packaging. In the case that the cable is not available, use a micro-usb cable capable of transferring data.

Connection Cable is faulty ¶ 

If the connection cable is faulty, the device may not be able to connect to the computer. In this case, replace the cable.

Micro-USB port is dirty ¶ 

If the micro-USB port is dirty, the connection cable may not be able to properly connect to the computer. Remove any dust or residue covering the port.

USB port on computer is dirty ¶ 

If the USB port of the computer is dirty, the connection cable may not be able to properly connect to your VTech Kidizoom Action Cam. Remove any dust or residue covering the port.

USB port on computer is faulty ¶ 

Look at the motherboard replacement guide to see how to replace the usb port in the camera.

If the USB port on the computer is faulty, the device will not be able to connect to the computer.

Micro-USB port in camera is faulty ¶ 

If the micro-USB port on the device is faulty, then the device will not be able to connect to the computer. In this case, the motherboard will have to be replaced.

Cant view downloaded images or videos ¶ 

You cannot locate the folder containing your pictures and videos on your computer.

Micro-SD card is not in the memory card slot ¶ 

Make sure Micro-SD card is in on your device. In case it is not in there or has not been placed, this may be the reason why your picture or videos won't upload. Simply put it back into the device.

Micro-SD card port is dirty ¶ 

You might need to use an air duster to get some dirt out and try it again. If it’s not working, you might need to use wipes to clean it up.

DCIM folder is set to hidden ¶ 

Under "My Computer" on your computer, locate the VTech Kidizoom Action Cam. If the DCIM folder is not present, follow these steps:

1. Click Organize

2. Click Folder and Search Options

3. Click View

4. Click Show hidden files

5. Click Apply

Your DCIM folder should now be visible.

Micro-SD card is faulty ¶ 

If available, put the Micro-SD card into another device and see if it works. If it doesn't, the Micro-SD card is faulty and needs to be replaced.

Battery not charging ¶ 

The battery is not charging, or will not retain charge.

Not plugged into power source ¶ 

Ensure that you have the micro-USB cable included with the VTech Kidizoom Actioncam plugged into the micro-USB port of the Actioncam, and that the USB side of the cable is plugged into a USB port on a computer, or a USB to electrical socket adapter or "wall charger

Master power switch is turned to “off” position ¶ 

Check that the master power switch (The (I|O) switch located on the bottom of the camera) is switched to the "I" position. Otherwise, it will not charge.

Micro-USB port is dirty ¶ 

Carefully use a toothpick lightly dipped in rubbing alcohol to dislodge any dirt or dust located inside the micro-USB port.

Micro-USB cable is faulty ¶ 

If cleaning the inside of the micro-USB port is unsuccessful, the micro-USB cable may be faulty.

Micro-USB port is faulty ¶ 

If replacing the micro-USB cable is unsuccessful, the micro-USB port itself may be malfunctioning and needs to be replaced.

Faulty battery ¶ 

If all steps above have proven unsuccessful, the battery may be faulty.

Buttons Sticking/Not working ¶ 

Your buttons stick when you press them down, or do not work at all.

Residue on sides/back of buttons ¶ 

Remove the buttons from the casing and use a Q-Tip or tooth pick dipped in rubbing alcohol to remove debris from the buttons. Follow the Buttons replacement guide

Faulty connection between button and motherboard ¶ 

If the plastic connection in between the buttons and the motherboard is damaged, the buttons will not reach the button located on the motherboard. Replacing the motherboard should resolve this problem.

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My Action cam is very slow it takes a while for the button to respond and then to take action. is there a way to fix this? i got as far as selecting a game and then i had to turn it off as it was not responding at all. I hope you can help me.

bdelaisla - 답글

um my kidizoom watch wont turn on it just say vtech on it. Please help

Kamira Aji - 답글

my sound dosen't work on my action cam[vtech]

George Stavridis - 답글

The camera is brand new straight out of the box. Straight away the display said "battery fully charged" but I can't get the camera function to respond to me pressing the button. None of the troubleshooting advice helps. I have put the camera on charge to see if that does anything? Advice would be appreciated

Sara Purcelp - 답글

I have put 3 new sets of batteries in the camera and it still shows low battery?

Jerica Robinson - 답글

Photos are inverted. Upside down. How can I fix it?

Emma - 답글

flip it the other way and that should do it

Mr Pool -

Camera is taking photos upside down. Any way to fix this?

Emma - 답글

Why does my camera make this weird squeeking sound when its on and recording?

StormDoesPokemon (Double A) - 답글

When i turn it on and record, while its on, it makes this squeeking sound. Why?

StormDoesPokemon (Double A) - 답글

My son has the action cam 180. It turns on without the memory card but when we push the card in it turns off. Any idea why?

Pestell - 답글

I have the new kidibuzz when I turn on stay in white screen what i can doing for fix

Maurizio - 답글

I have the new kidibuzz when I turn on stay on white screen how can fix the

Maurizio - 답글

I have two kidizoom actioncam 180’s. The waterproof case, when latched, shuts off the camera. Two cases causing the same issue. Anyone else having this issue?

ipmungam - 답글

My son has a kidizoom 180 it is fully charged but wont turn on or it turns on and goes off immediately also to turn on it has to be connected to the power supply do you think the battery is done

Neville gauci - 답글

The sound of the camera is not working anymore

Fadol - 답글

When playing back video recordings there is a high pitch noise that is louder then the people in the video and does not change volume when turning the camera sound down. Anyone else have this problem?

Debbie badsey - 답글

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