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VTech Safe And Sound DM221 Troubleshooting

Low Battery ¶ 

I want to hear sound clearly on both the parent and the baby monitors, but the sound is coming in and out and it is unclear. Also, the parent unit beeps twice every 30 seconds.

Power on, power off ¶ 

Try to power off the device by pressing the power button and turn it back on to see if it will continue working properly.

Replace the battery ¶ 

Your batteries may be low. If the battery is low, replace the battery and the sound should produced from the parent unit will be consistent.Connect to AC power if the batteries are properly installed into the parent unit, but the POWER/LINK light on the parent unit is off.You can choose to power the parent unit by connecting it to AC power.

Monitor making high-pitched sound ¶ 

The baby monitor keeps making this high-pitched noise

Monitor out of range ¶ 

The monitor’s may be too far apart from each other. Try to get closer to the other monitor. If this does not help, try to adjust the sensitivity level.

Need to adjust sensitivity level ¶ 

Try to adjust the sensitivity level to a lower level to avoid audio feedback.

Monitors may be too close ¶ 

The monitors have to be more than three feet away from each other. Try backing up from the monitor to get rid of noise. If this does not work, try adjusting the sensitivity level.

Two Monitors Not Linking ¶ 

I want to be able to give and receive audio, but the monitors are failing to keep a connection.

Monitors Not Turned On ¶ 

Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to turn on the baby monitor. Repeat the same process for the parent monitor until the screen display lights up.

Monitors Not Within Range ¶ 

Move the parent monitor closer to the baby monitor, but do not get closer than 3 feet from the baby monitor.

Monitors Need to be Reset ¶ 

Reset the monitors by turning them off and unplugging them from their electrical power. Wait 15 seconds and then plug them back in again. Turn on the monitors and allow up to a minute for the monitors to synchronize.

Unresponsive Screen ¶ 

I want to use my baby monitor’s screen but the screen isn’t responding to my commands.

Low Batteries ¶ 

You batteries may be low. The battery icon light and LOW BATTERY will flash on the parent unit. If this is so, replace the battery.

Monitor is out of range ¶ 

Make sure the monitors are within range of up to 1000' of each other. If not, move the monitors closer together.

Monitor is Not On ¶ 

Press the power button located in the middle of the parent device.

Minor Glitches ¶ 

Your monitor may be glitching. Try rebooting it by pressing the power button once to turn it off and once again to turn it back on.

댓글 21개

I have bought three sets of baby monitors and they all keep cutting on and off please what can be affecting them

carolinemclaughlin - 답글

Mine won't turn on or off, the Link and the battery light are both on, whether it's plugged in or not, and the screen is totally blank, with no sound coming through.

celia - 답글

This just happened to my monitor, were you able to fix yours??

Jaimie Brydges -

Our baby Monitor keeps saying no link to camera 1, which is not true, or that we are out of range when we are less than 20' away. What gives..

jonlewis55 - 답글

Ours is doing the same thing and can't figure out why. It's driving me nuts

dalycia -

Any answer to this? Same problem here


I'm having the same issue and when it does link the feed is delayed and jumpy

PEbert -

We are having the same issue, any resolution available?

Katie Kanaskie -

When on night vision it keeps going to a dark screen then back tonight vision

soniasaunders - 답글

Having the same issue. Any resolution?

Joe LaBella -

For what it is worth, I have been having the same problem for weeks with the monitors not linking. I just had an idea this evening so I tested my theory. I reset my Internet router and while it was off the monitors worked great. Once the router was back on the monitors had troubles again. I changed the channel of the router and things seem much better.

No guarantee this will work for everyone but maybe it will work for somebody.

Brad V - 답글

I've had the Vtech for less than a year. It worked fine and does not work at all. After a few seconds, the sound goes (though it visually seems to be recording sound still) and then the screen goes black. It is fully charged. I've reset the wifi. Yet, all that still shows the receiver works is the green flashing sound blips. I can turn it on and off again. And start the whole process over. Baffled for what it cost and the positive reviews I had read until coming to this "troubleshooting" page.

Hillarie Higgins - 답글

No link to camera 1, Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Turning out to be a waste of money. All I want to do is keep an eye on my daughter.

Kat Majesta - 답글

My device did the same. Do you have a wireless home phone or wifi? The baby monitor transmits on the same frequency and when the devices are close to each other to cause interference to each other. Internet is slowed and monitor loses signal. In the future I will be more diligent in how I choice my wireless devices when frequency is an issue. Hope that helps. I ended up using a hardwired system and used Bluetooth to connect it to my cell phone.

Nabil Alhadi -

Had mine for a year. Now it seems like the “talk” button is sticking on the parent unit. I’m not hearing any noise then I press and let go of the button. I get noise for a few seconds and then stops again.

AnnMarie Turner - 답글

One monitor is picking up another monitor. Instead of the receiver.

John Hayes - 답글

My monitors seem to time out when panning rooms. It will show that it is switching cameras in the top left but wont actually switch, any ideas?

Katie - 답글

The baby unit of my monitor set refuses to come on, even though it’s plugged in. What can I do? Anyone else have this problem?

Melissa Alford - 답글

My baby monitor keep saying rmid what’s does that mean and why won’t it connect it used to work perfectly

chris evans - 답글

When I have the baby monitor on it will flash black then go back on. It will keep doing it on & off with just the picture but I can hear everything still. What is wrong with it. Can I fix it in anyway? Thank you

Brittney Schiebel - 답글

I am having similar issues. My monitor will be on for a few seconds then will fade to black then back on again. Not sure how to fix it either.

Amy Potter -

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