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Vacuum Troubleshooting Guide

Vacuum on but Not Picking Anything Up

No matter how many times you run the vacuum over the same piece of dirt, it won't pick it up.

Brush Roller Not Spinning Properly

If the vacuum is on but not picking anything up, then the brush roller may be spinning improperly. The belt makes the brush roller spin, so check that first. If the belt is not broken, the brush roller may need to be cleaned or replaced. To replace the belt, click here. To clean and replace the brush roller, click here.

Vacuum Has Foul Odor

"The smell is overwhelming!"

Full Vacuum Bag

If there is a foul odor coming from the vacuum, then the vacuum bag may be full. To check if the vacuum bag is full, unzip the zipper from the back of the back compartment. A white bag with the contents of what the vacuum picked up will be in there. For instructions on how to empty the bag, click here.

Vacuum Not Turning On

"I need to turn on my vacuum to clean my room!"

Faulty Wiring in the Cord

If the vacuum doesn't turn on and is plugged in to an outlet, the vacuum may have faulty wiring in the cord. For instruction on how to check for faulty wiring and to replace the cord, click here.

Vacuum Difficult to Push

"If I can't push it, I can't clean it!"

Stuck Wheels

If the vacuum is difficult to push, the wheels may be stuck. To check and replace the wheels, click here.

Vacuum Makes Odd Sounds

"That doesn't sound normal!"

Brush Roller Jammed

If the vacuum is making odd noises, then the brush roller may be jammed. Since the belt rotates the brush roller, check the belt first. To replace the belt, click here. For instruction on how to replace the brush roller, click here.

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Height adjustment wont work and vacuum won't stay upright when locked into place

Susan - 답글

My vaccum brush does not spin I have bought another beat and it's burning my belts where the motor turns is it the brush or motor

sexieyes2000 - 답글

Why want my back me spin? The belt is still GOOD? And how to take the roller out to ck it? Please contact me at

rhondabaggott - 답글

My roller want spin and the belt is good, How do I take off the roller to check it?

rhondabaggott - 답글

My vacuum was just working now rollers won’t spin and red light not on? I checked belt fine cleaned roller spins if move by hand but not when turned on!!!???

dogkittyqueen - 답글

My vacuum was just working now rollers won’t spin no red light or green.i checked belt fine rollers clean will move by hand but not power??

dogkittyqueen - 답글

bester brush wont spin red light is on dosent aoear to be a belt on it. & screws do not take anything apart ????? (shark navigater dlx)

Jean Matuzak - 답글

I have a brand new Animal 7 and the bar doesn’t spin, unless on a rug but then it’s because I’m moving the vac.

Is the brush roller supposed to automatically spin on the Animal V7 model?? If not, I’ve got the worst vac ever made.

Sonnie Kramer - 답글

How do you put the brush bar back in after you clean it

Jeanette Davies - 답글

where is beater bar belt located on an upright ?

air - 답글

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