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Please follow this link to view the repair guides for this device.

Visual Land Prestige 10 Device page

Tablet Won't Turn On ¶ 

Your device refuses to power on no matter what you do.

Dead/Faulty Battery ¶ 

If the Tablet won't turn on when pressing the power switch, the battery could be dead. Connect the tablet to the AC charger, making sure it is connected to a stable power outlet, and attempt to power on the device. If it still won't power on, then the battery will need to be replaced.

Bad Display ¶ 

If the tablet is charged or connected and the device does power on, but won't display, then the LCD display might need to be replaced.

Faulty Motherboard ¶ 

If all of these options have been attempted, but the device is still showing no activity at all, then the motherboard will need to be replaced.

Battery Dies Quickly/Won't Charge ¶ 

Your device can't seem to hold a charge for more than a few minutes or hours, or simply refuses to charge.

Too Many Apps/Processes Running ¶ 

If your device is losing charge quickly, you might have too many apps running in the background. To stop apps from using too much RAM and causing your device to lose charge quickly, navigate to Home>Settings>Device>Apps and then clear the data and cache that your apps are using. Turning off the devices' WiFi and Bluetooth connections will also preserve battery life.

Faulty/Dead Battery ¶ 

If the device is still losing charge from a full charge in a matter of minutes or a few hours, or losing charge quickly even on standby or powered off, then you might have a faulty battery, and it will need to be replaced.

Faulty Charger ¶ 

If your device is plugged into the AC charger and doesn't seem to gain any battery charge or keeps losing charge, then you might have a faulty charger. If you connect your device to a computer with the USB cable and it charges, then you know you need to replace your AC charger.

Device Shuts Off/Freezes at Random ¶ 

Device stops working or crashes randomly, requiring you to power it on again.

Too Many Apps/Processes Running ¶ 

If your device is crashing or freezing at random, there might be too many apps or processes working. When there are too many actions trying to be performed by the device, it will appear to freeze or stutter and will be unresponsive to input. Be sure to stop all apps, processes and connections that are being unused to free up RAM and help prevent freezing.

Device is Overheating ¶ 

If your device seems abnormally hot in your hands or lap when it's in use, or powers down when it does this, then your device is overheating. This is a safety feature in modern CPU's that aims to prevent permanent damage to the processor. If your device powers down when too hot, let it sit for 15 minutes and power it on again, making sure to close down unnecessary apps and connections to reduce heat. If the device continues to overheat, then replacing the thermal compound on the CPU would be the next step.

Device is Unresponsive ¶ 

Your device is unresponsive to any form of touch capabilities

Device is Extremely Slow ¶ 

If the device powers on but is almost completely unresponsive, then a factory data reset will need to be performed. Navigate to Home>Settings>Personal>Backup & Reset then perform a Factory Data Reset. If that doesn't work, then follow the instructions to perform a hard reset.

Hard Reset ¶ 

To hard reset your Visual Land Tablet, you need to follow the instructions below carefully.

1. Turn off the tablet.

2. Press and Hold Volume Up and Power button at the same time.

3. Keep holding the buttons till you see the start up screen.

4. Press Volume up five times when you see the android with an exclamation to reveal the recovery menu.

5. Since touch screen doesn`t work on this mode use Volume and down to move on the menu and power button to select.

6. Select Wipe Data/Factory Reset.

7. Select Yes- Delete all user data.

8. After the wiping select Reboot System Now.

Cameras are Not Working ¶ 

Either your front or rear facing cameras are not taking pictures or are taking extremely dark photos

Front Camera is Too Dark ¶ 

If the front camera is too dark, then there can be something blocking the view of the camera or the camera is receiving too little exposure. Remove any blockages and make sure that you are in a well lit area, making sure not to obstruct the camera.

Rear Camera is Not Taking Photos ¶ 

If the rear camera is not taking photos, or the device is not recognizing it, then there could be a fault in the camera housing. The camera could be disconnected from the motherboard and would need to be reconnected, or the housing itself could be damaged and will need to be replaced.

댓글 54개

Mine freezes and I have YouTube and castle clash as the only downloaded apps

That one RABBIT - 답글

disable some of the built in apps that you don't use

Lorrie Nolen -

What to do when Volume key for navigation won't work on recovery menu??? Help

Need your help - 답글

Power off not working

Linda Montague -

Need to replace charger. Where can I get a charger?

djsergio115cruz - 답글

Need a new charger, where can I get one?

djsergio115cruz - 답글

When I plug in the charger to the device, the green light (charging) does not turn on. The device does not seem seem to be charging. I tried the AC and USB-to-computer connections. Either of the two works. I also tried the chargers on other devices and they work fine. Is my battery on the tablet completely bad? or is the connector plug-in on the tablet bad?

Gerardo Balderas - 답글

What do I do if my tablet won't do the hard reset

Jaqwon Marshall - 답글

Did u find out wat to do I'm having the same problem

Mary A Galey -

My sound keeps skipping when I'm on YouTube I'm on my prestige 10se

FaZe Mason - 답글

Disable some of the built in apps that you don't use

Lorrie Nolen -

touch screen not working and when hooked to the keyboard .keyboard works but %#*@ thing won't leave the welcome screen.have reset and still nothing can anybody help?

chris allen - 답글

Were you ever able to fix this problem, mine is doing the same thing, I cant seem to find a solution.

Donny Horton -

I was about to watch a video in my gallery and it froze before i could even play it. It will not let me do anything not even SHUT IT OFF by holding the power button, volume button NOTHING IS WORKING im hoping the battery dies so that i am able to restart it but it seems to NOT WANT TOOOO die as soon as it usually does ... SOMEONE PLEASE HELP !

Leen Sanchhh - 답글

It want connect to my wifi says no wifi found

mike perkins - 답글

The recovery menu won't come up its stuck on the Droid does anyone no eat to do

Mary A Galey - 답글

Did you ever get it fixed

Jana Crabtree -

Sorry meant wat to do

Mary A Galey - 답글

The ear phone indicator in the upper right corner won't shut off and I can't use the speakers. Can anyone help out. Thanks.

Chuck - 답글

How can I remove a gmail account. If you do not let me go anywhere. I forgot my account and password. What I can do ? I already rebooted it

Pam Gv - 답글

Go to setting/apps/click on gmail and delete data

Lorrie Nolen -

My tablet Visual Land Prestige Prime 10ES freezes up on YouTube movie when watching it or when playing games or when you're on Facebook at times it turns off. Ronley Kydd, what should I do when this happens.

Ronley Kydd - 답글

disable built in apps that you don't use. You can disable visual land and it runs much faster

Lorrie Nolen -

After I done the hard reset, the screen went black. I pressed the power button and nothing happened. I then turned the unit back on and now after it starts to get to the start up screen, it says shutting down and turns off. What is suggested now? Please help. Thanks!

Minnie J. Cox - 답글

crap toss it in the trash

robertgleason -

junk...and no help from the importer

robertgleason -

The keyboard won't pop up no matter what I try. Would the hard reset fix this?

rednsassie2001 - 답글

I had this problem until I disabled visual land

Lorrie Nolen -

So I reset it again and now I'm stuck on a blue screen that's saying just a sec but it's been stuck on this screen for almost 30 mins How long is a second to them/ y'all? This is ridiculous

Jacky Faulk - 답글

My tablet constantly has the recording icon up to that just says it's recording with how long and I am not doing anything that requires it to be recording. Usually it does recording after I reset it but I was wondering what is doing. Google isn't helping.

Sid Franz - 답글

I Don't remember the email i set up the tablet with so i can i get around this to set up a new email any one?

Ashley Martinez - 답글

what can I do when hard reset will not work

dakota32007 - 답글

Tablet won't give a shut off option,. Its stuck in loading apps stage after being turned on. I shut it down manually and restated, now the shutter won't open on main screen. So restarted again since there's still no reboot option, and it will either stick on the prestige screen or the loading apps, but never reboots properly. This is the 2 nd one in less than 6 mo. The 1st one never came off optimising now this ones not cooperating. So how do I get it to reboot to do a factory reset when none of your options work? Smack it against a concrete wall perhaps? Its a shame when a fixed income household relays on you companies to bring us up to date but make a item so poorly they don't last 6 mo! It has nothing on it but what it came with, never used the camera, no photos stored, no apps except what it came with and it can't even handle those! I'm not mad, but I am very very disappointed!!!!!

Not a rocket scientist - 답글

I've got one about 3 years ago and it nt never has came on

Makayla spruill - 답글

The shutdown option doesn't work, will only restart after selecting shutdown. Tried a factory reset and it still only reboots when selecting shutdown. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Dave M - 답글

Don't ask Visual Land anything, they are bunch of a.holes, never respond, their feedback is a total waste of time. I sent the same message on the their feedback, of course, no response.

tom o'd - 답글

You tube is saying connection lost touch to retry but it never works .

any suggestions ?

bect 92017

Sewbug - 답글

Does anybody reply?


Sewbug - 답글

My tablet keeps saying optimizing app on the screen n it wont let me do anything need it

chad - 답글

My tablet keeps saying optimizing app on the screen n it wont let me do anything need it fix

chad - 답글

All the apps crash not responding any ideas?

Blaze187 - 답글

Mine freezes and turns off constantly. What a piece of crap. Waste of money.

Bonnie - 답글

Mine freezes and turns off constantly. Piece of crap, waste of money. Dont buy one.

Bonnie - 답글

my Tablet is stuck in the reboot loop how do i fix it.

JCUBED3 - 답글

after factory reset the 10es is slow in response. takes a few minutes just to load google play to get updates. any ideas? fully charged. factory apps, factory settings. still slow

Paul - 답글

Won’t connect to WiFi  Authencation Problem.

Shawn Thacker - 답글

I just purchased mine and it won’t even turn on what a rip off

Debby D - 답글

Hi, I can’t seem to get the prestige tablet 10se to set my email I can’t remember my old password or recovery email, when i put it in, it just says can’t do anything, ive did the reset five times

saleemah - 답글

I can't bypass email and I've did all things

saleemah - 답글

Like I've reset wiped data and reboot but can't get in. I don't remember the old email and my new email isn't

saleemah - 답글

I did the hard reset and i still can use the touch screen on my tablet what do i do?

Emy Rodgers - 답글

My tablet overheats and the screen blinks off and on when you try to use it. Visual land did not respond so I filed a report 2 months ago with the BBB they did respond to them and stated this warranty covered all issues I was having but I submitted proof of purchase to them and the BBB that forwarded to them as well. They will not respond to either of now

Dawn Cox - 답글

My start up sceen is flashing on off

sawsplus0 - 답글

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