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Please follow this link to view the repair guides for this device.

Visual Land Prestige 10 Device page

Your device refuses to power on no matter what you do.

If the Tablet won't turn on when pressing the power switch, the battery could be dead. Connect the tablet to the AC charger, making sure it is connected to a stable power outlet, and attempt to power on the device. If it still won't power on, then the battery will need to be replaced.

If the tablet is charged or connected and the device does power on, but won't display, then the LCD display might need to be replaced.

If all of these options have been attempted, but the device is still showing no activity at all, then the motherboard will need to be replaced.

Your device can't seem to hold a charge for more than a few minutes or hours, or simply refuses to charge.

If your device is losing charge quickly, you might have too many apps running in the background. To stop apps from using too much RAM and causing your device to lose charge quickly, navigate to Home>Settings>Device>Apps and then clear the data and cache that your apps are using. Turning off the devices' WiFi and Bluetooth connections will also preserve battery life.

If the device is still losing charge from a full charge in a matter of minutes or a few hours, or losing charge quickly even on standby or powered off, then you might have a faulty battery, and it will need to be replaced.

If your device is plugged into the AC charger and doesn't seem to gain any battery charge or keeps losing charge, then you might have a faulty charger. If you connect your device to a computer with the USB cable and it charges, then you know you need to replace your AC charger.

Device stops working or crashes randomly, requiring you to power it on again.

If your device is crashing or freezing at random, there might be too many apps or processes working. When there are too many actions trying to be performed by the device, it will appear to freeze or stutter and will be unresponsive to input. Be sure to stop all apps, processes and connections that are being unused to free up RAM and help prevent freezing.

If your device seems abnormally hot in your hands or lap when it's in use, or powers down when it does this, then your device is overheating. This is a safety feature in modern CPU's that aims to prevent permanent damage to the processor. If your device powers down when too hot, let it sit for 15 minutes and power it on again, making sure to close down unnecessary apps and connections to reduce heat. If the device continues to overheat, then replacing the thermal compound on the CPU would be the next step.

Your device is unresponsive to any form of touch capabilities

If the device powers on but is almost completely unresponsive, then a factory data reset will need to be performed. Navigate to Home>Settings>Personal>Backup & Reset then perform a Factory Data Reset. If that doesn't work, then follow the instructions to perform a hard reset.

To hard reset your Visual Land Tablet, you need to follow the instructions below carefully.

1. Turn off the tablet.

2. Press and Hold Volume Up and Power button at the same time.

3. Keep holding the buttons till you see the start up screen.

4. Press Volume up five times when you see the android with an exclamation to reveal the recovery menu.

5. Since touch screen doesn`t work on this mode use Volume and down to move on the menu and power button to select.

6. Select Wipe Data/Factory Reset.

7. Select Yes- Delete all user data.

8. After the wiping select Reboot System Now.

Either your front or rear facing cameras are not taking pictures or are taking extremely dark photos

If the front camera is too dark, then there can be something blocking the view of the camera or the camera is receiving too little exposure. Remove any blockages and make sure that you are in a well lit area, making sure not to obstruct the camera.

If the rear camera is not taking photos, or the device is not recognizing it, then there could be a fault in the camera housing. The camera could be disconnected from the motherboard and would need to be reconnected, or the housing itself could be damaged and will need to be replaced.

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