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RC Car Not Turning On ¶ 

The RC Car fails to turn on and is unresponsive

Recharging the Car Battery ¶ 

First, remove the battery from the car. Click here to see how to remove the battery. Once the battery is removed, connect the battery into the wall charger provided with the car and connect the charger to the wall outlet. Charge the battery for six hours. Once has been completely recharged, remove it from the charger and connect it to the car. Reinsert the battery to the slot, and close the cover.

Signal Cuts In and Out ¶ 

The RC car starts and stops driving randomly or while controlling from a far distance

Replacing the Remote Control Battery ¶ 

Slide open the lid at the bottom of the remote control. Take out the 9V battery. If you have a voltage meter, test the battery to ensure it is dead. If the tester reads less than 7.5 V, then it won’t be able to power the remote. Obtain another 9V battery and follow the voltage testing procedure to make sure it has enough charge to power the controller. If it is fully charged, insert the new 9V battery into the remote control. Note that the positive and negative terminals must be aligned to work.

Increasing Signal Range of Controller ¶ 

Firmly secure the antenna to the top of the controller be screwing it into the hole found at the top of it. Once securely screwed in, extend the antenna fully for maximum range.

Car Turns When Attempting to Drive Straight ¶ 

While trying to drive the car in a straight line, the car veers to one side

Alignment Dial is Crooked ¶ 

Locate the alignment dial between the front wheels. If the dial is not straight, or in line with the car, then adjust the dial accordingly. For example, if the car direction goes left, then adjust the dial to the right side. If it is set straight but fails to drive straight, read on.

Wheels Need Replacing ¶ 

The steering problem may have nothing to do with the alignment dial. One of the wheels may be defective, causing the car to steer incorrectly. See the Wheel Replacement Guide. If this fails to solve the problem, read on.

Faulty Steering Motor ¶ 

If the other troubleshooting options fail to work, the motor that controls the steering may be malfunctioning and need replacing. See Replacing the Steering Motor Guide.

Controller Won’t Turn On ¶ 

The controller light fails to light properly when switching the control on

Controller Battery Dead ¶ 

See Replacing the Remote Control Battery

One or More Headlights Are Dim or Unlit ¶ 

One or more headlights are not properly lighting or are dim

The Car as a Whole Fails to Receive Power ¶ 

Test to see if the car will steer or accelerate. If there is no response, then the car as a whole unit isn’t receiving any power; see Recharging the Car

Dead or Malfunctioning Headlight ¶ 

If the car is receiving power, then a headlight may have died. See the Replacing a Headlight Guide.

Car Drives at Slow or Inconsistent Speed ¶ 

Car drives slower than usual or randomly starts and stops even when controller trigger is pressed fully

Weak Signal ¶ 

See Signal Cuts In and Out

Battery is Dead ¶ 

See Recharging the Battery

Faulty Motor ¶ 

If these don’t solve the problem, then the motor likely needs replacing. See the Replacing the Motor Guide.

Car malfunctions in a variety of ways with no apparent single cause ¶ 

The car acts sporadically or fails to properly drive

Faulty Motherboard ¶ 

The motherboard that controls the car’s power, steering, and drive shaft may be malfunctioning, leading to many glitches and unresponsive action in all involved systems. See Replacing the Motherboard Guide.

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