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Unresponsive Display ¶ 

Display will not turn on or is frozen.

Faulty Battery ¶ 

If the display will not turn on after the battery is fully charged then you will need to replace the Battery. The battery is embedded into the motherboard, you will need to replace the motherboard of the phone.

Low or Dead Battery ¶ 

If the display will not turn on, your battery may be out of charge. Plug your phone into a 110v outlet and ensure that the connections are secure both on the phone and to the outlet. The phone should power on after about 5 minutes of charging.

Display screen is cracked ¶ 

The display screen has shattered or has imperfections.

Broken/Defective Screen ¶ 

The display screen is usually cracked when dropped without a protective case. If the display screen has any cracks or imperfections the phone may have operating issues. Replace the screen by taking your phone to a certified display repair store.

Phone will not charge ¶ 

Your device is charging but does not work.

Poor Connections ¶ 

First plug the phone into a 110v outlet. Ensure that all connections are secure. Remove any debris from the charging port as this can create a weak contact and will not allow the phone to charge.

Damaged Charging Chord/Power Adapter ¶ 

Check to see if the charging chord is damaged in any way. If the power adapter reaches a high temperature while charging, its may be faulty and the charger will need to be replaced.

Battery Issues ¶ 

If none of these remedies fix the issue, you have a faulty battery and it will need to be replaced. The battery is embedded into the motherboard, therefore a new phone will need to be purchased or a new motherboard will need to be installed.

Broken or Defective Earpiece Speaker ¶ 

No sound coming from the earpiece speaker during calls

Volume Issue ¶ 

Make sure the volume is turned up during a call (see volume instructions in the device manual). Use the volume controls on the side of the phone.

Loose connection to the motherboard ¶ 

If the phone is turned up to maximum volume and there is still no sound coming from the earpiece speaker, then the earpiece speaker may be disconnected from the motherboard, check to see that the contact is connected properly.

Damaged Speaker ¶ 

If that does not fix the problem then the speaker may have experienced some kind of damage (i.e. water) and will need to be replaced

Weak or no cell signal ¶ 

When trying to make calls or send texts, there is no cell signal

Low Signal area ¶ 

If you are experiencing weak or no signal it could just be a problem of your location. If you move from that location and your signal is better, than it is just an issue of weak cell service distributed by your service provider.

Faulty Sim Card or Driver ¶ 

If you continuously have a problem of no signal, remove your sim card and re-insert it into the device. If that does not fix the problem then the sim card or the driver may be faulty and will need to be replaced.

Headphone Audio is distorted ¶ 

When listening to music the audio is unclear

Faulty Driver ¶ 

Knowing that the problem is with the headphone jack/driver, first check for any debris in the headphone port that may be block the jack from being fully inserted into the device. If the port is clear of debris and the jack can be fully inserted, then you will need to replace the headphone driver.

Damaged Headphones ¶ 

If the headphone audio is distorted first rule out if the headphones are broken. Check for frays in the chord and test headphones with another device. If the headphones work well with another device then you can ensure that the headphones are in working order.

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My zte midnight pro was thrown on the ground. Nothing appears to ne broken the phone comes on but the screen stays black. Is there anything i can do?

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