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Zenbre SoundBank Z3 Troubleshooting

Speaker released April 2015

Speaker is not keeping charge ¶ 

The device wont stay charged for very long if at all.

Wrong power adapter ¶ 

This device requires a 5V/1A USB AC adapter with a USB to Micro USB cable in order to charge it. If an incorrect adapter is used you may run the risk of damaging the device. However, mostly anything under the 5V/1A rating will be okay, only it will take longer to charge.

Faulty battery ¶ 

If the power adapter for the speaker is adequate, and the speaker only stay on while it is plugged into the adapter then most likely the battery must be replaced. Check the battery holder and its leads to see if there is anything wrong with there first. click here to see how this is done.

Speaker is not turning on ¶ 

It doesn't turn on when the power button is pressed.

Faulty micro USB port ¶ 

When you plug in the a working power adapter if the light doesn't turn on then the there is a most likely an issue with the port. try wiggling it around, if the light comes on at some point this may mean that the port could be loose and may need to be repaired. If it is charging it might be the mother board. click here to see how the to access the mother board.

Battery is not charged ¶ 

Charge the device by plugging in the charging cable to an outlet, this will charge the device and the device will soon power on.

Speaker has bad sound quality ¶ 

The sound quality has changed.

Faulty speaker grill ¶ 

inspect the speaker grill, if it is dusty carefully clean the grill. If the sound Grill is cracked or broken this will effect the sound quality replace it with a brand new one for a better listening experience. Click here for a guild.

Altered sound data ¶ 

The song file used for streaming music is maybe altered or corrupted. This means that the song file itself is not an original file. We suggest using another music file that is original.

AUX cable not working ¶ 

Damaged AUX cable, this can can cause the music to sound dull or muffled. It is imperative to use a working AUX cable. If the music sounds dull or muffled, use a new AUX cable.

Blown out speaker ¶ 

If the speakers are blown out check to see if it’s the right speaker or the left one. If it’s the right one replace the right side speaker. If it’s the left one replace the left side speaker. If both speakers are blown out replace both of them. click here for a guild.

Phone not staying Connected ¶ 

I can't seem to keep my device connected to anything.

Loose 3.5 mm jack ¶ 

If the 3.5 mm Jack isn't completely in the adapter, check to make sure it's completely in the adapter. Check to see if 3.5 mm Jack has dust in them, if so clean out the dust completely. if this doesn't help check to see if its the cord your using. If the problem still persists use this guild to see if the problem is internal.

AUX cable not working ¶ 

AUX cable not working at the end where the phone is connected to the cable. The AUX cable needs to be checked out. If the AUX cable is not working well buy a new AUX cable and connect the cable to the phone.

Resetting the phone and the speaker ¶ 

There's a power button on the phone which you are using, usually you press it down for 5 seconds it will turn off then you press that button again then it will turn back on. Resetting the Zenbre Speaker can be done by holding down button near 3.5 mm Jack.

Bluetooth is not connecting ¶ 

If the speakers Bluetooth is not connecting properly check the phone to see if it’s connected appropriately. If it is connected properly try keeping the phone closer to the speaker, hence the reception can be clearer. Try keeping obstructions away from the device or phone, make sure to stay in the same room so the speaker can connect to the phone device correctly.

댓글 19개

wont pair with windows 10

Louis Ordentlich - 답글

I have to go into bluetooth manager and unpair or uninstall the speaker, then it will come up after a minute, ready to pair. Hit that and it will work. Or leave speaker on while rebooting. It wont pair if it is already installed and you turn it off and on without rebooting your computer.

jerry -

Same thing happens to me.

Rosanne Hallowell -

I cannot get my speaker to turn off or work, it is frozen. I have been unable to find help concerning this product.

Kristen Burns - 답글

I am having the same problem.

joerhs -

Blue tooth flasing will not turn off.

Jose Ruiz - 답글

Hi, were you able to fix this issue? I have the same problem and cannot find a way to reset the speaker

Jonathan Davies -

Sound great, big time.

Jose Ruiz - 답글

Mine has no voice commands is that normal. How do I set up a radio station.

Shannon - 답글

I cant turn the unit off, and there is no reset button near the 3.5mm jack. junk.

Ray Truant - 답글

There's a little hole by the micro USB. Stick a needle or paper clip in it and it will restart and reconnect. Good luck

William -

This unit will not turn off, there's no reset button on it, I've tried shoving a sewing needle in the hole on top and it just drops down inside all the way to the bottom of the casing.....

martynblackstock - 답글

You can try this, it worked for me. I just let me battery run all the way down. Recharge and that has seemingly fixed the problem.

drunken_stumbles - 답글

Quick fix ..if you don’t see any reset button, hole (minus mic hole) get a paper clipper and slightly insert in headphone jack will shut off instantly..mine workes like charm


Press a paper clipper onto headphone jack hole and it is there that the reset button is hidden


I’m having problems picking up my phone

maria.lotta - 답글

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