iDevices iGrill Troubleshooting

This is a troubleshooting page for the iGrill Gen 1 7685-IGLK, an iDevices product.

iGrill Won't Turn On ¶ 

Replace Batteries ¶ 

Check to see if the batteries are sufficiently charged. If the batteries are not working, you will need to replace them.

Check Battery Orientation ¶ 

If the batteries are sufficiently charged, check to see if the batteries are inserted in the correct orientation in the device.

Software or Hardware may be Malfunctioning ¶ 

A current solution to this problem is not solvable by normal measures.

Numbers Flashing on the Screen ¶ 

Probes 1 or 2 are not Connected to the Device ¶ 

Either or both probes are not being recognized by the device. If the metal divots are not touching the probes, you may need to fix them.

Numbers aside from 1 and 2 are Flashing on the Screen ¶ 

Your batteries may be low on power or are encountering a software problem. Try to correct this problem by replacing the batteries, otherwise the issue may be not solvable by normal measures.

The Batteries are too Low on Power ¶ 

Batteries are not working properly or are low on power. Replace all 4 of the used AA batteries and try again.

Unable to Connect to Bluetooth ¶ 

Reset the Bluetooth Settings ¶ 

If the device is not able to be discovered by a connecting device or the blue Bluetooth logo is not displayed on the screen, you must reset the Bluetooth configurations. Press and hold the plus and minus buttons, press the power button, then repeat. Then hold all three buttons down until you hear a long steady beep, after the beep release the buttons.

There may be Issues with Your Device ¶ 

Try pairing the device you want to connect to your iGrill to another device. The connectivity problems may lie with the device initiating the pair.

There is no Audio Coming from my iGrill ¶ 

Check the Audio Component ¶ 

Ensure that the internal audio piece is soldered on properly.

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IGrill2 paired with my iPad but won't show up on my iPhone. Both have the Weber App. I initially paired with iPad and installed new firmware. When trying to pair with Iphone, the pairing icon flashes for about a second in the upper right of the app, then goes away. In Bluetooth settings, it shows up on my ipad but not on iPhone. I also have the mini, which shows up on both devices no problem. What do I need to do?

Steve - 답글

I've always had trouble getting mine to pair reliably. Here is is, Thanksgiving, and it refuses to pair.

fiedlerh - 답글

So what does

"Software or Hardware Problem

Acurrent solution to this problem [not turning on] is not available by normal measures" mean, exactly?

My iGrill does. It turn on. Batteries are good and are correctly oriented. What are the abnormal means I can try?

This is very frustrating...

andreraiche - 답글

i think its just a bit temperamental, mine constantly said bluetooth stopped working, i just kept trying to turn off the app and turn it on again - I could see that my phone (android) was pairing in the device settings, so i unpaired it to see if the app would pair it - eventually after about 10 times turning on and off various things it worked. frustrating. also why does the app have a sales pitch for a device i already have? just makes the app more confusing and less intuitive.

Mathew Williams - 답글

My igrill 2 Bluetooth thermometer is acting weird all of a sudden. I can see the temps on my phone via the app but now I can not see the temperature numbers on the actual thermometer . Any ideas or suggestions ?

David Lapierre - 답글

My iGrill is displaying a temperature on a probe that isn't plugged in. I have an ambient probe in slot 1, slots 2-3 have meat probes. Slot 4 is empty. Slot 4 is registering 562*. Please help!!!

Nick Shaw - 답글

Just opened mine and it kinda sucks. If it disconnects, I have shut everything off and restart I mini and phone. Happens with both droid and iPhone 8..


This think kinda sucks. Bluetooth connections issues. If I lose connection I have to shut down phones and I mini to reconnect. Both android and iPhone 8


Same issue here. Device refuses to show up in the iDevices app or settings. Such a waste of time

W A - 답글

My iGrill will only come on with a continuous alarm note and the blutooth light on solid.

it will not power off short of removal of its batteries.

Stevan Skeels - 답글

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