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Turntable won't turn on ¶ 

When the needle is lifted, the motor does not start to spin the LP.

Check to see if it is plugged in. ¶ 

Sometimes we forget to plug things in. If it is plugged in, make sure the wall socket is working properly.

Check that the speed lever is on either 33rpm or 45rpm ¶ 

If the speed lever is between 33rpm and 45rpm, that means that the motor is turned off. Make sure you select the correct speed, which should be printed on the record. Different records require different speeds.

I can't Hear Anything or it is very quiet ¶ 

"The needle is on and the record is spinning but I can't hear any music playing."

Are the Audio Cables plugged in correctly? ¶ 

The output of the record player must go to a receiver that has speakers plugged into it. The record player will not make sound without the speakers.

No Pre-Amp ¶ 

The Sony PS1100 does not come with a pre-amp inside of it. You have two options.

1. You must plug the record player output into an audio receiver that has a "Phono" input on it. This will give it amplified power so that you can hear it through your speakers.

2. You can purchase an external pre-amp that you will plug the record player output into, Then send the external pre-amp to your receiver. A good external pre-amp would be the MicroPhono PP400.

*Most newer receivers do not come with a phono input.

Speakers not turned on ¶ 

Check to make sure that your speakers are turned on and are on the correct input.

Needle Cartridge may be broken ¶ 

CAREFULLY Check the needle to make sure there is no broken parts on it. The needle is EXTREMELY sensitive so take extra care in checking it. If any part of the carttridge is broken, you should not use the player until it is replaced.

Music sound is not correct speed ¶ 

"When you play the record you can hear it but the speed of the song is either fast or slow."

RPM is on Incorrect Setting ¶ 

Some records play at 33rpm and others play at 45rpm. If the record is playing too slow, switch it to 45RPM. If it is playing too fast, put it on 33RPM.

Motor is not calibrated properly ¶ 

If the player has been moved around and used a lot, there's a good chance that the motor is not performing exactly as it should. This can cause a record to play just a little too fast or too slow. To fix this you must manually adjust the motor until it sounds accurate. This is tricky so you might want to consider taking it to a shop for repair. If you wish to repair it yourself, then you must first take the rotating disk off the player. (The disk is the circular piece that you place the record on. It will lift right off the player.) Once the disk is removed you will see a gold screw on top of the black motor. Using a flat head screw driver, adjust the screw slightly, then place the disk back on top of the motor and try to play the record again. You must repeat this until the motor is calibrated.

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If I set the needle on the turntable, but I don't hear anything. Could that also mean that I forgot to put a disk on the turntable - or how does that work? :-)

Stephan Becker - 답글

Sorry, but I could not refrain from adding that joke.. on a more serious note: Love the explanation about how to locate the srew for correcting the pitch directly via motor adjustment. Thanks!

Stephan Becker - 답글

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