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No sound, why is my computer telling me to plug in speakers?

IBM ThinkPad Z60m

I just got this laptop online, unfortunately I don't know much about its history but it seems great with only one problem. It won't play sound.

There are two sound devices in playback devices: Speakers (not plugged in, apparenty), and Digital Audio S/PDIF. Both devices are working, but the computer keeps telling me to plug in speakers.

But I don't use external speakers. How can I get my internal speakers to work?

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Check your device manager by right clicking 'my computer' if there is a yellow exclamation next to audio devices, you need an updated driver.

Go to the manufacturer's website support page, enter your model and look for sound drivers section. Download the one for your laptop, then install It, and it should fix your problem.

If this doesn't fix your sound problem, most likely the internal speakers on this laptop is defective.

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