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Repair guides and disassembly information for laptops manufactured by ASUS.

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How to change wireless card

hi guys,

do you know how i can change wifi card in my new asus n76?

I have to completely disassemble the computer because I can access only the hard drive and ram but not the wireless card, you have a guide?

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EDIT2: Hey guys. Unfortunately for me, my screen just died. Fortunately for you, I had to put my old wifi card back for warranty. So, I made some pics and a manual. Enjoy!

Download disassembly manual (1.32Mb)

Also, I'm sorry this took so long. Honestly, I was afraid to open it again myself. But it's a piece of cake!


EDIT: Apparently it's easy!

Once you've got all your screws, HDD's, ODD and SD-card all out (be sure it's all out), you can pry open the laptop at the front! Put a flathead screwdriver between the aluminium and plastic of the cover and work your way along the front of the laptop.

Then watch out with all the ribbons that are attached to both the top and bottom of the laptop.

Your wifi-card is located somewhere under the E, R or T keys of your keyboard.

So it's quite easy, you just have to dare it.

Good luck!


(Original post)

I feel you, there aren't any guides yet. Tried it myself.

Undid all screws (hidden ones too), even got four plastic hooks loose (under the battery), but the cover wouldn't bodge. Even e-mailed Asus (in the Netherlands, but they wouldn't help me, I think because they don't know either :P). I'm gonna try the international Asus office, or their facebook page.

Let's hope someone figures it out soon, I want my wifi card exchanged! ;-)

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Hi Nick.

Did you happen to see if the gpu is soldered or mxm module?

No, I'm sorry. Perhaps if I'll open it again sometime, I'll post it here.

Hi Nick, how do you remove the optical drive? I dropped a tiny screw, and it went inside. I'm opening it up to take it out. Thanks

That's easy: on the bottom of the laptop there's a round rubber thingy with a disk engraved in the plastic beside it. Pry out that rubber (with a needle or pincet) and remove the screw underneath. Then you can just slide out the ODD. (May be a bit stuck, just tug a little harder.) Good luck!

Nick, many thanks for your generous sharing. Given your expertise in disassembling ASUS N76, I think a lot of folks like me will benefit from a video if you could create one. I can't seem to find one anywhere at the moment. I'm looking forward to it.

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Nick, zou je een video/handleiding met plaatjes kunnen maken voor mij? Ik moet mijn wirless card vervangen maar krijg mijn laptop niet open.. Toen ik geprobeerd heb de laptop te openen ging het niet en ik heb nu een aantal krassen op de cover.

Bedoel je met de 'front' het deel waar het beeldscherm aan vast zit, of de andere kant?

Een video/handleiding zou veel hulp bieden!

Weet je ook toevallig of het serienummer o.i.d. op de draadloze netwerkkaart zit of zou ik ook een andere kunnen gebruiken??

Alvast bedankt!!


Nick, can you make a video/guide with pictures for me? I have to change my wireless card but i cant open my laptop.. When I tried to open the laptop I made some scratches on the cover.

Do you mean with the 'front' the part where the screen is located or the other side?

A video/guide would really help!

Do you maybe know if the serial stands on the wireless card or can I use an another one??


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Mocht je deze nog steeds nodig hebben, zie mijn antwoord bovenaan. (Linkje naar handleiding.) Ook weet ik niet wat je precies bedoeld, maar onderop je laptop staat een serienummer, op de wifikaart zelf staat een ander serienummer.

Heb er zelf een Intel Centrino 6300 ingezet, werkt prima :)


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This is mission impossible, not anything I could call "easy"... I need to change my wifi-card and clean the fan. I'm stuck at prying out the corners, they just feel like they are holding in their place by screws. But no screws at sight. Is there any screws under the feet pads? What are those "hidden" screws mentioned? Those feet pads seem to be nearly impossible to tear apart and I wouldn't want to do that if it isn't necessary.

I've removed the drives, ram, optical drive and 4 screws under it. And of course all the other screws there are on the bottom, under the battery near the hard disks etc. It just feels like it will break if I pry it open any more. The middle part of the front was easy to pry open but these front corners... They look quite horrible now. I even bent a sturdy knife trying to pry it open. Nice job by asus to make a computer which is nearly impossible to even keep clean. Argh! Has anybody other than Nick succeeded in this?

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If it might still be of any help: see my answer (the first one) for a link to a manual, made by me. I hope it's still of use for you.

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You can download the user manual first because not every time you have to take whole laptop apart just to replace WiFi card. It might be just a lower panel with one or two screws. Usually these wifi card comes with same port you can confirm the size whether its PCMCIA or any other and the order a replacement one.

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Hi David, you do realise this question is a year old, right? :P Anyway, normally wifi-cards are pretty accessible, but with the Asus N76 series, they really hid them good.

There's no other way to reach it then open up the whole laptop, unfortunately.

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Hi Nick,

I changed the wifi in my n76vb for an Intel Centrino 6235...

its working but now i dont have the backlight at my keyboard anymore...

What am i doing wrong ?

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I'm afraid you forgot to put a cable to the keyboard back in place. I'd suggest you open it up again and see if all cables are correctly installed. Or try to disconnect them all and reconnect them again.

As always, use caution. Good luck.

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Hi, after that I change the original wifi card with the Intel 7260 that supports the 802.11ac protocols, it's all OK about the wireless connection (work in Win 8.1 and Ubuntu 14.04), but seems that the webcam don't work more: anyone can tell me where is located the relative cable so I can check if I plug well ??

Sorry for my english and thanks in advance !

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If you have opened up the laptop (so the keyboard is off of it), just right from the center (near the right hinge), there should be a cable coming from the screen and plugging into the motherboard. Perhaps check if that is properly plugged in.

Otherwise I can't really give you any better advise than to put back in the original wificard and contact Asus for repairs.

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