iPhone 3GS power button after water damage

Hello Fixers

I've fix'd many iPhone water damages but this one is pretty tough. I have changed battery, power/volume/mute flex, cleaned the motherboard with 52liters alc. about 20 times without any luck.

Everything works fine except the power button, actually, it works but its kind of stuck. Let me try to explain: When phone is assembled, the phone can not turn on by clicking the power button, but only works when connected with charger. When the phone boots up the first thing it shows is the lock screen and aprox. 5 sec later it shows "Slide to power off" When this one is cancelled, the phone works normal, except for the power button.

The 5th connector seems clean too. i have even tried to boot without the connector and the same problem appears. It is somehow stuck, if you could say so.

I searched the logicboard for broken jumpers and i noticed the 5 pins next to the 5th connector (to the left) and that the 2nd from top is missing. I made a jumper myself (i am pretty good at soldering) and under a loop everything seems fine but the same problem appears.

Block Image

Any ideas would be highly appreciated.

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How does the underside of that connector look, i had one is last week same problem and it was because of corrosion on the UNDERSIDE of that very connector.

Just double-checked, nothing wrong with the underside.

Does anyone know where the power-button ic is located? Cant find anything on the web.

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