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Bypass Power Button To Check Logic Board?

My friend dropped cream on my macbook pro.

The magsafe is giving the green light.

When I press the power button it does not start.

Is there any pads I can short to check if the logic board in turning on.

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Yes there are... You realize you can blow the logic board forcing power up if the board is not completely clean and dry? They have not moved since the answer to Where are the power pads located on the logic board?.

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I have tried those pads but no luck, I have disassembled the logicboard, I am getting a green light from the magsafe the fans are connected but it does not turn on.

There was some oxidation near the keyboard connector, I cleaned it with a brush.

How do you clean liquid damaged logic boards ?

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Can you check these pictures of the logicboard and tell me which ones are the pads :

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There's a whole How to take apart MacBook and clean motherboard after liquid spill... soft to medium brushes, dielectric contact cleaner, 99% alcohol... let it dry well (low humidity - 72 hrs)... look for a (i) power on symbol near the contacts or it may say prbn... bridging between contact #5 & #6 on the top case ribbon connector may work.

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