Can I expect as good battery as when my Mac was new?

Hi there,

I have got a Macbook Pro, mid 2009, which has been well used over the years. This is clearly recognized by the fact that the battery life of my Mac is much shorter than it used to be. I currently have got approximately 2 hours of battery life from fully charged in normal, light usage. The number of cycles are currently counted to ca 850.

So my question is, keeping this in mind, how much of an improvement can I expect from changing my battery to a new one that you provide with? Can I expect as good battery life as when my Mac was out of the box? How new are the "new" batteries that you provide with, have they been lying around in a storage since 2009, or are they freshly manufactured?



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Alright, so I now got a response from the iFixit team saying:

"Hi Robert,

Yes, these batteries are freshly manufactured and you can expect the same battery life as the original when it was new. Let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

Matt Barnes"

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You are at the volunteer DIY discussion board - not iFixit customer service.

Used batteries are . . . used. New batteries are new. Some new batteries are occasionally bad right out of the box (especially Chinese knock-offs). A cheap battery will not perform as well as an Apple OEM. Some of the newer batteries last longer than the 2009 ones.

If you wish to speak with someone at iFixit -contact them.

If this answer was helpful please remember to mark it accepted.''

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Alright, I thought that official iFixit team would post their response here.

Well, I sent them a question via that link that you provided now. I think that the answer could be of public interest, so I'll update this thread when I get their response. Thanks for the link.

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