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13" 알루미늄 unibody, 2.0 또는 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo 프로세서.

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Why does my wifi card show 'No Hardware Installed'?

I was using my macbook as usual when suddenly it froze. after a force restart it turned back on however the wifi stopped working. when i click on it, it says no hardware found. tried doing a clean install of the os but still no luck, but got worse because there isnt the wifi signal on the status bar.

any help pls ?

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Same issue here with my mid 2010 15" MBP. Problem seemed to start shortly after I installed OS X Yosemite. Bluetooth still works (which I strange because they share a card). I also replaced the card, reset SMC and PRAM. Still nothing. Grrrrr. Guess I'll have to take it in.

Did you find a solution for the error? I have the same problem and have tested everything. Also got the problem last summer and have been trying to find a solution.

Same problem MacBook Pro 2011. Even replaced Airport Card but no improvement. New airport card work for about 1 week and now I am back to "no hardware installed". 10.11.4 . Also tested 10.10.5 to ensure it wasn't a software problem.

Try replacing the flat airport card cable, it can have issues after some years of use.

1¢ solution, take a small ammount of low tack tape, and tape the cable down onto the optical drive. This forces the frayed bits of the cable into alignment completing the circuit.

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I had the same issue REPEATEDLY with my 15" early 2011 MBP. I tried all of the software fixes, resetting PRAM, etc. Even had it serviced multiple times by Apple. Didn't matter what version of OS X I was running, I always ran into the "No Hardware" issue.

But I finally found the solution. It's 100% hardware in mine and many other's cases. The problem is the wifi/Bluetooth cable. It runs over the disc drive and is prone to failure. Check out http://warrantyvoidifremoved.blogspot.co... for the full fix instructions.

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I had the same problem, even after a clean os x install. I thought it was the wificard but simply detaching and reattaching all the wifi/bluetooth cables fixed it for me.

Many thanks! I opened the backplate of my 17" MBP 2011 just to realize that the wifi cable was loose. Popped it in and i am back in business! (BTW the last time someone opened it was Apple service team for "free" warranty upgrade of motherboard, some time last year!) Thanks again!!!

This finally fixed it! I encountered the "No Hardware Installed" issue on my mid 2012 MacBook Pro. After researching and replacing the wifi card, I still got the "No Hardware" message. I was baffled. Then I came across this post. I ordered a brand new cable on Amazon for $9.50, installed it, and BAM! I've got my wifi back. Turns out my original card is fine. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!!! If anyone is having this issue, try replacing the cable first before buying a new wifi card.

I would also like to say kudos to the ifixit customer service department. I contacted them when the first replacement wifi card didn't work and a rep called me and spent a good 15 minutes trying to work through the issue. He then immediately shipped me out a second wifi card on the chance the first one was bad. Once I discovered the cable was the issue, I contacted him and was able to return both wifi cards and get a refund. In my experience this level of customer service is extremely rare.

You hero! This saved me! Detaching and reattaching the wifi/bluetooth cables worked for me too.

I changed both the wifi card and the cable but I still have the same problem. Anyone know any other thing that could be the problem?

This happened after I dropped the laptop but I had previously had this issue before, it was just fixable after doing a few resets. Now nothing seems to be working. I don't really want to take it to Apple because they're just a money scam. I took it in before replacing the wifi card and they said it was the wifi card that was the problem and gave me a quote of £150... I replaced it myself for nearly 10x less. They were going to take my money and do the repair only to tell me that wasn't the problem and take my money again:/

Anyway, is there anything else I could check/replace? Any way to find the direct cause?

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Have you attempted to reset the SMC? That would be the first step. Hold the left control, option, shift key and the power button for about 5 seconds and release. Then try to reboot. Might as well reset the PRAM as well. Hold command, option, P, R on start up until the machine restarts. If that doesnt' have any affect we'll have to dig deeper into a potential hardware failure.

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yeah have tried all and still nothing. Do you think its the chip itself or maybe the ribbon ?

What year is the machine? It could be the ribbon cable, the card itself or perhaps an antennae issue. Sounds like the card isn't recognized though so ribbon and card are my bet. Software solution, did you try deleting the wifi profile in network settings and readding it?

its the 2008 model. i have deleted it and when i try to add it back theres no wifi option just ethernet and bluetooth.

Definitely sounds like the card. The card is actually in the display clutch cover on that model so it's a little trickier to replace than the new models. Doable with out too much fuss. Just be extra cautious with the button connectors on the wifi card.

ive replaced the card however i have the same problem. could it be software ?

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So, I got this MacBook Pro 2012 A1278 used from a guy at school (don't worry about the trade). Anyway, I reset everything I could and it didn't work. So, I went to Apple, they will replace it for $125.00. When they pulled up the serial and saw that it was fixed at non-Apple store, they denied fixing it due to non-Apple parts. So, I went to Computer Hospital (Houston, Texas, they said my Wi-Fi was fine, but my motherboard was bad and it would be a $825.00 job. So, obviously I didn't go for it. Since I replaced my RAM before, I had a spare Apple kit and went inside. I ordered a $15.00 Aiport card off Amazon and replaced it. It started working and stopped. So, I tried a Wi-Fi USB (Edimax). Garbage, doesn't work with most Wi-Fi (e.g. like my school). So, I ordered the ribbon that connects to the Airport card to the motherboard and it's currently working at the moment. I hope this will solve the problem!(:

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Same problem. MBP 2011 15-inch. Turned out to be that flat cable here too.


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Another Mac Technician having suffered this same problem a coupla' years back;

Otherwise mint-condition MBP 15" 2012's WiFi would occasionally work but was essentially useless. If and when it worked at all, WiFi would never stay connected for more than a few minutes...

wasted time fooling around with software for a while, then replaced the AirPort / Bluetooth card with a brand-new one... still had exactly the same problem... frustrating!!!

Finally replaced the ribbon connector from MLB to Airport Card.

WiFi. now. perfect. FWIW, the failed cable showed NO sign of wear or damage & was probably defective the day it was made.

I have another 2012 MBP 15" waiting on the bench with the same symptoms except this one doesn't detect the WIFI at all but does see Bluetooth... will first try a known-good cable this time.

now where did I stash that Airport Card that I pulled on that last one... ?

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I have the same symptoms. Can see the Bluetooth but not the Wifi. Did replacing the flex cable resolve the issue?

Yes it certainly did.

You can get a replacement cable for something like $12. It takes about 10 minutes to install. This has worked for me 2 times when there was no reason to believe that anything had happened to damage the bluetooth / wifi cable. Try it!

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Hi All, some possibility

1. The Wifi Cable Came Loose

2. The Wifi Card has failed

3. The Logic Board section, inductor has blown.

4. The Cable is faulty.

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i did some research, and it said if it was the cable then the webcam wouldnt work. however the webcam works for me so i think its the card. thanks !

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1 Comment:

What about with a 2019 -2011 model?

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Having solved my year long problems on this issue here's a piece of good advice.

Start with gently changing the flat ribbon cable of your's. First thing first. Always.

Change the flat ribbon cable between the Airport / Bluetooth card and the

motherboard and see what happens.

Best wishes

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