MacBook would not boot, then would suddenly restart.

Hi All,

This macbook of mine one day just wouldn't boot up. Battery is full as indicated by its green lights. Upon pressing the power button, all I see is a blank black screen (back lights not turned on), no startup chime, no nothing. Fan is turning, HD is spinning, front white light on. Then within 5 seconds, it would seem to restart itself, I noticed this because I you'll hear the sound of the HD would suddenly stop and the front light would turn off, but within a second or 2 would again turn on, still a blank screen and no startup chime, just sits there with front light on.

Has anyone experienced this?

Thank you in advance.

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If you quit or crashed in the middle of an update, or had just completed an update, and shut off your computer this behavior is common. It should not continue. From your post it is not clear if this is a one-time or continuing problem.

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Hi machead3, No, wasn't in a middle of an update nore had completed one. This is a re occurring thing, it never gets through to the OS or even the startup chime.

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Do a "safe boot" (shift key down until graphic appears) or boot into AHT (Apple Hardware Test) D or option-D (Lion) boot. If either works immediately do a Apps->Utilities->Disk Utility:Disk First Aid, repair permissions, repair disk before continuing.

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Neither works sir. There isn't even any kind of display on the screen. Any more ideas?

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Try connecting to an external monitor.... if you see the desktop the problem is in the internal display chain (cables, inverter, LCD) if you still see nothing it's VGU (VGC) logic board problems.

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Fred -

Do you see any image on the display when you shine a flashlight though the Apple logo on the display cover or look at the display at an angle? Sometimes you can see a faint image then the backlight system isn't working. If on the other hand you don't see an image, try an external monitor to see if it works.

If you can't see and display of any kind, yet it sounds like its starting up (minis the chime) you may need to reset the SMC Instructions

Let us know what you discover - Good Luck!

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