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Hard drive failed after system crash, now showing as unrecognised

About a month ago, I updated my hard drive for the second time, orgininaly swapping the 110GB HDD for a WD Black 320GB drive back in 2009.

This time I swapped it for a Seagate Momentus XT 750GB Hybrid Drive, and did the same process as before, cloning the MacBooks current OS Drive and then installing the new one. I had about 3 weeks trouble free running, then, while I was in hospital for a couple of days it suddenly crashed on me using safari, and stopped responding.

I held down the power button to turn it off and re-booted it. Afterwards the system almost immediately repeated the same fault and I repeated the process once more, only to find that now I cannot get past a BLANK grey screen, no logo, no folder, no loading wheel.

After eventually deciding there must be an error with the drive, I took it out, put it in an enclosure and thought that if I could atleast back up my data to another drive using my sisters MacBook I can reformat and do a clean install of OSX Snow Leopard.

However, I saw no drive appear in finder, nor in disk utility, I tried a different enclosure (a newer USB 3.0) and it came up with the error message that the drive is unrecognised and I opened disk utility where I would see the listed drive. Requesting Information shows:




SMART not supported

Capacity 0 bytes see link for all info

I have/had irreplaceable information and memories on this drive, work dating back to 2008, a music collection that took 12 years to put together I would appreciate help from anyone who could advise anything I can do to retrieve the data if possible even if it is complicated.

I've had a new idea, I'm scanning my original drive, which has been reformatted since installing my new one to try and recover the files from there, and buy a new drive to trasfer the files to if successful

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Ive tried using Data Recovery 3 to no avail, using any option deep scan, clone, analysis, etc. produces the error "invalid contents" or "no files on target" I suspect this has something to do with the fact that the the drive hardware itself is registering as 0 bytes, there must be a way to fix this, physically there is 750gb of hard storage, it has to be repairable somehow?

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You're right - unless the platters have been physically damaged, the data is still present. You're insisting on a DIY cheap "magic" fix. There isn't one. Mayer, and I offered the two most "magical" fixes possible for a DIYer. Only you know the value of the data - having someone (an expert) move the platters from your defunct drive to a new one, or custom drive to retrieve the data is the only solution left. It's neither magical or inexpensive.

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US$100 이상 또는 Pro Tech Toolkit을 포함한 모든 주문의 배송은 무료입니다!

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Since the drive is not being see at all and it is a fairly new drive, I suspect the board. Since this data is dear to you, if it were in my shop, I'd buy a duplicate drive and replace the circuit board, then give it a try. I know this is a bit expensive but cheap compared to the alternatives.

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I can only see the drive in disk utility when connecting it up via usb to another macbook. You say you suspect it may be the board, I know which part you are talking about and it would be easy to replace, the expense of buying a duplicate drive is negligible as I can use the new drive if the process fails in any case.

Although I would like to go through the details and the most likely diagnosis, hypothetically.

There is power to the drive, and since it was working fine for so long, I find it difficult to accept that all my data is lost in an instant, since it hasnt been subject to any particular shock or force.

Here is the only information I was able to obtain

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That's what a failed drive can look like. The data is still there, the problem is getting to it. Only a few electronic failures give you any warning.

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so you think that theres a good chance of a faulty board? i mean the drive is physically there, data cant just disappear so there must be a way of getting to it somehow.

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You really don't have any options here. If the failure is internal, it will need to go to a clean room recovery (high dollar), the board is the only thing you can try now.

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How much that data is worth only you know. That's why any valuable PITA to reconstruct/recreate data should be backed up on two devices kept in two different places... if there's a fire at your house the backup drive will likely go the same place as your main drive.

That being said there are Recover data from external drive that MAY allow you to access your drive. . . and there are data recovery services that will physically repair/reconstruct/build a way to access the platters. The first are mildly expensive and their success is random. The second are extremely expensive and, generally, only business that can write off the costs employ them.

Check out the data recovery tag on the right for more/other Answers.

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Hey! you have tried a data recovery software then also you are not able to retrieved your data back. I would suggest you to not to tamper with the hard drive again and again as it can make you to lose your data permanently so, better consult a expert data recovery company. For sure they will help you in recovering your data successfully. The cost of data recovery services depends on the type of storage media, amount of data and severity of damage to the drive. If the data is very important for your then your should go ahead with data recovery expert option.

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