The Compaq Mini 110 is smaller than a traditional laptop making it very portable. It's great for doing work on the go and it's easy to sync with your main computer making the Compaq Mini a great companion.

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Why does it only show blue led, without turning on?

I have a Compaq Mini 110 and it will not turn on. The blue led light turns on, followed by the fan but nothing else!

I have held the power button over for 30 seconds, and it still doesn't turn on.

Please can anybody help?

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Check your AC adapter, same thing happened to my Compaq Presario CQ50 but i used a different AC adapter and it worked.

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Try opening it up and re-seating the RAM. Usually the computer will beep for faulty RAM, but I've had it some situations where the computer didn't beep but re-seating the RAM allowed it to boot. Be sure to disconnect the power cord and battery first.

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Seems like your RAM is malfunctioning. All you need to do is to open the Ram cover and take out the Rams one by one and then try powering up. If the problem still persist then try turning it on without battery. Hopefully your PC will be turned on.



In this case it would be best to perform a system restore.

There are two ways to perform system restore:

Open start menu click run and then type cmd to open command prompt.

Type CD.. to make c:\ only.

Type CD windows then CD System32 and then restore.

After once you find yourself in c:\ windows\system32\restore>

Then type restrui.exe press enter.

Once the system restore window open then click next to select any available restore point.

This process shall take couple of minutes to perform restore and please make sure that once this process started it wont be reversible and neither you will lose any personal data.

Other way to perform system restore is to open safe mode by clicking F8 on start-up and check safe mode option then further a dialogue box will open to ask for system restore and then follow the above steps. Thanks

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i had the same problem with my netvook. The solution is so simple that you will laugh .. All you have to do is to disconnect and reattach the battery of bios...just that.

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my compaq mini 110 doesn't open it shows enter the CURRENT password every time I typed my password two times it shows password check failed,Fatal Error....System Halted.CNU9424RM4

Please help me what will the process to open my mini 110

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