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Which Models have Compatiple Displays for Swapping?

I noticed your instruction video for replacing the display included MBP models A1151, A1212, A1229, and A1261.

My A1212 (2006) needs a new display (half the screen looks like a ISBN symbol in technicolor) and I'm shopping for a used replacement. Are the models you reference in your video interchangeable?

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This is the volunteer DIIY help forum. Perhaps you meant to contact iFixit directly?

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No unfortunately they are not... each range uses a different LCD type, as well as different connecting cables. The only parts that are interchangeable are the following:

  • Lid Panel
  • Hinge Cover
  • Airport/Bluetooth antenna (sits in the hinge cover)
  • inverter board (for the early and late 06 models, both A1151 and A1212)

everything else is different for each range. if it has a straight vertical line between the functioning and non functioning side of the LCD, it will either be the LVDS cable or the LCD itself, which you can purchase separately if you need, as it will be cheaper than the complete display unit.

(on another note, the SR and 08 ranges, A1229 and A1261, are LED backlit, so dont have an inverter board. instead they have a backlight controller board, so the inverter board doesn't work from the first 2 ranges)

i hope this helps. if you let me know if your screen is Matte or Gloss, i can confirm the probable part number too. (they use different manufacturers, but it is usually one of 2 if you identify the year and screen type)

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