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Sony HDR-SR11 Touch LCD screen half working


My camcorder Sony HDR-SR11 has an issue with its touch LCD screen.

It happened recently with no apparent reason.

When I start my camcorder and open the LCD screen, no image is displayed, I can only use the viewfinder.

However if I flip the screen (like if I wanted to watch myself while recording), the LCD screen works fine !

It shows that the LCD is functional, but it almost like if the camcorder didn't detect that the screen was open...

Do you have an idea of what's going on ? Is there a part that could be replaced ?

Thanks for your help.

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I think somewhere in the cable connecting the screen and the camcorder might be severed so only in certain angle it transmit signals. (e.g. flipping it)

Replace that cable might help.

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Thanks for your answer.

In fact when I have already disassembled it, to look at the ribbon cable.

It seemed to be in a good shape but I don't know how to see if it has a problem.

When you flip the screen, it also flip a little magnet in the joint and the screen works back.

So I put the screen back in the normal mode and put a magnet next to the joint : the screen starts to work again, but in the flip mode ! (the image is upside-down). So it would not be convenient to use it.

Do you still think if I change the ribbon cable, it would fix ?

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According to the service manual, FP-807 flexible board has three cables. I think that one cable is for common signals, one for flip mode, one for the up right mode. My guess is that only two of them would be used in any given time, and the one for up right mode is severed. Therefore only in flip mode the screen will get signals (i.e. the magnet is attached). If my guess is right, replace the cable should help.

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