An all-new Passat, based on the Volkswagen Group B5 platform, was launched in 1998 in North America.

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vw passat windshield wiper engine failure

Does anybody knows how to replace a broken 2000 vw passat windshield wiper engine? IT WOULD HELP ME! Thanks

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What does the wiper engine do ?

is it noisy, stuttering, dead ??

replacing is "easy" - remove the wiper blades, remove the plastic cover and the sealing and you can remove the wiper engine.

but i have a link for you - maybe it would help a little bit.

but be careful - the page is only translated with google - some funny english can occur


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Thank you Markus, very useful. I will try to do myself.

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VW passat 02 every time I push on the gas it feels like the car don't get any power sometimes the abs light and engine light comes on then the car shuts down anyone have and idea what it could be.

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