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Wont see harddrive on boot


I have G5 quad (dual, dualcore). I have seen a lot of questions and answers about this machine on a lot of boards. It seems to be a quirky machine for being a Mac. I bought it used from a remarketing firm and it was previously owned by and Audio Guy. When he turned the machine back in at end of lease he removed his hard drive. This is common for these situations as I have been involved in many.

Now, I have been a PC guy for years but have owned enough Macs to get me in trouble only. I had a 750 gig SATA drive that fit right in there with the help of the extra bubble head screws Mac provides near the drive area. I hooked it up and checked all cables. I hooked the Mac monitor up and lit off off!

Of course it did nothing but show me an Apple on screen then a flashing folder with a question mark. This did not surprise me. I looked through all my Mac stuff and could only find OS9 and a G5 OS 10.37. it would not see OS9 at all and when holding down the shift key it sees the 10.37 early Leopard disk but would not see a hard drive to install it to. If I clicked on the DVD disk it goes Apple screen then a circle with a line through it. A friend just came over with his Mac Pro Op system and it is 10.5.2 and it actually for the first time saw the disk and started the spinning wheel!! then it said you can not install this software on this computer! I was able to use disk utilities and check my 750 gig drive and it was all green and said to be good. Yet by holding the shift key down shouldn't it show up as a usable disk to install to??? Is it that I need a specific disk "ONLY" go install on this thing?

I am pulling my hair out and I don't have that much to spare!

Any help would be amazing!!



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Well...getting tired for today but here is the progress if any.

I made two partitions. One 250 gigs approx. and the other 500 gigs approx.

I formatted them with a full record single pass. The Utility says the disk is mounted and only offers "unmount" as an option.

Yet...I don't see the drive on the desktop. When I do boot holding down the "Option Key" it only shows the OS disk in the DVD drive...NO HARDDRIVE.

The warning still pops up saying you can not install this software on this computer.

Getting tired now....:O(

Any ideas guys? Thanks for all..it's always good to be able to chat with people that know more than you...



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Well Markus has totally baffled me with his IBM lingo. Your problem as I see it, is that you do not have retail system 10 installation disk. The gray ones can be machine specific and will not work on other machines. The exception is the eMac installations disks and sometimes the iMac disks. For confirmation on the installation disks that will work for you contact Darlene at Fastmac. Here's what the disks look like and prices for same.http://fastmac.com/osx.php

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Thank you Mayer...I think you are right! Everything seems to work except the fact that the disc is specified for the machine it shipped with and not mine. I will find the right disc and light it off...

thanks you guys really!!! you are a huge help to me on this!!



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mornin everyone

sorry for the mbr trouble - but even under osx it's called that ;-)

i didn't thought about the grey disks...

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did you partitioned the hdd with the 10.5.2 disc ?

and if so - what settings did you use (especially - what options did you select in the partitioning menu)???

maybe the hdd has still a mbr and that would not work with a regular leopard dvd

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I made it one partition and am doing a complete recorded format over the drive.

I used the (journaled) setting as it recomended. I did not understand the last question or statement as I don't know what mbr means...sorry. I am not a good mac guy.

Thank you so much for your quick response!! I think we are getting close.



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Bruce, I'be been doing macs for 30 years and I don't know what a MBR is

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MBR - Master Boot Record - if the HDD was Partitioned as MBR (thats what windows uses) - OSX formats as journaled - BUT can let the settings on MBR and not GUID - so the journaled formatting can not be used with the regular installation disc (even if osx is able to run on a MBR drive - but only with a modified OSInstall.mpkg - but now btt)

thats - why i always check the options when i partition a hdd with osx

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I kind of get it. This drive was new in the package and was a replacement for Rorke Data Array system (Galaxy Series) This was being used with a mac but this disk was still in the static wrap so I don't think it had a format on it but I not for sure.

The disk utility sees it and verifies it but 10.5.2 said I can not install this software. Is it that this is not the original disk for this computer or should it install?

On another site I saw a post where they said if that disk shipped with a different computer it may not install on yours even if the OS level is acceptable. Hmmm....

thanks again,


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Oh, by the way! Markus...thanks for that! You obviously know your stuff. What would you do just for the record?

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