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Where can I get a new harddrive for my Apple TV?

My Apple Tv did an Update and the system crashed I took to an Apple Store and checked it and said it won't work.

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Machead3, the apple tv I have is a 3rd Gen and I din't know that when I asked about a new harddrive, I have sovled the problem with my apple tv. Thanks for the comments.

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Lorenzo - Please post your solution as an update or an Answer. Stating the solution is more useful to others who come here looking for help than just saying "I solved the problem".

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Unless they specifically said a new HD would fix it - a new HD would normally fix nothing. If a new HD would "fix" a clean install of the OS should also fix your problem.

Often reapplying the update "fixes" the problem.

Sometimes the EFI gets corrupted ... in many instances there's a way around that too.

"It won't work" doesn't give us a lot to work with in helping you. THe more information we have the more "useful" we can be. There are three different versions of Apple TV - you didn't even specify which you have.

As for purchasing a new HD. You can get one from here or use Google Shopping.

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